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Chocolate July 28, 2008

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Lately I’ve been into Hershey Almond Bars.  After being gone from home two hours longer than I planned today, what did I do?  I purchased more bars and just wolfed one down without even realizing that I had eaten the whole thing (seriously, my hand went down to get another piece and there were no other pieces) and now I’m eating another one.  I am glad this is happening right now because I have to identify my triggers and quit ignoring them so perhaps I’ll have a chance of getting myself under control.  So. . .

  1. I planned to take Rob tennis, go to CVS for my prescription and then come home for a salad.
  2. What I did was take Rob to tennis and visited with Jeff’s mom.  She is a complainer and everything always happens to her so the visit was fine in some respects and in others it was not.  Rob wanted to play with Jeff, Jeff had a dental appointment at 2:30 p.m.  Jeff’s mom wanted to practice tennis with the boys after eating at Burger King.  I said okay to that because we had fun practicing tennis last week. 
  3. We ate a Burger King–I had a Rodeo Hamburger for $1 and a chocolate chip cookie.   Rob got his Pokemon Kids Meal then we went to play tennis.  Had a decent time.
  4. It was a steamy 75 degrees (20 degrees cooler than this weekend).  After awhile sweat rolled down my back.  It was still somewhat fun although. . .
  5. Rob was, in my opinion, bossy and belittling at times to Jeff.  I’ve noticed this more and more recently.  He has to have the last word, he has to “know” everything and when I call him on it he will say “well sooorrrry”.  I am not a spanker but I did tell him he was not to old to spank.
  6. Jeff got bored and wanted to go.  We stayed a bit longer then left them so Jeff could go to the dentist.
  7. They are to call if the kids can play together again today.
  8. It was past 2:00 p.m. so I missed Rush again–haven’t heard him for weeks.  When I have been around the radio he has had a guest host.
  9. Arrived at CVS and looked at the ads.  I had already decided I was going to purchase some candy.  Hershey’s were on sale $1 for 2.  So I bought 4.  Shouldn’t have bought any but did it anyway.
  10. When leaving the lot I got into the left turn lane, which I know better than to do but did it anyway.  There was a car in the right hand lane trying to turn left.  I always try to let the person to my right be able to see around me if they were there first because I hate it when people pull up so far that I can’t see around them.  He finally went and then it was my turn; but no a huge red truck pulls up in the right lane way past me (because you know he couldn’t see over me) blocking my view so I had to wait for him to turn so I could see.  Luck was with me and he wasn’t there long but I was so annoyed at his lack of courtesy that it didn’t matter that I was able to turn pretty much immediately after he left.  I was already ticked off.

Analysis anyone?


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