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Another Sunflower September 29, 2008

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What To Do With All Those White Frames

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Barns, I Love Barns

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Actions Speak Louder Than Words

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In my weight loss journey, I am trying many different things to help me.  Some of them are attendance at TOPS (a non profit weight loss support group), walking on my treadmill while listening to books on tape, taking tennis lessons, reading inspirational/motivational diet success stories, prayer/bible reading/study and Spark People.  One of the things I like about spark people is that I can log in what I have eaten and it will tell me where I am lacking in vitamins and minerals.  I have started taking vitamins now in the hopes that it will be one of the things that helps me in weight loss.  Another thing they have is the ability to journal.  I am finding that I am getting overwhelmed with so much to do that I have gone back to my paralysis way of living.  I’m not keeping up with my blog, I’m not keeping up with my food diary, and so on.  I thought I would try to train myself to link to sparkpeople when I make an entry so that I’ve got all my stuff in one place which is what the original idea of this blog was for me.


Absolutely Gorgeous September 23, 2008

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Photo from  I love countryside views, rolling hills and fall colors.  Sigh.


Plant These? September 19, 2008

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A Ramble September 17, 2008

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The last two weeks I have been on auto pilot just getting the things that need to be done that day done with not much thought going into the day which has turned into weeks.  Part of this is because I have been down with a cold and the other part is that it has been a particularly busy last two weeks.  I usually don’t do well with busy as I am one who needs here down time; however I think I’ve basically handled everything okay.  I am, however, starting to feel the out of balanceness so I’ve got to stop reacting and start acting or the progress I’ve made thus far will fade to black.

The things I haven’t done that I must do and want to do are:  walking on the treadmill, going to at least one daily mass, begun a Bible Study, logged me food intake and spent more time with the Lord.  Other things that are looming are getting things to Goodwill, getting the studio in order, planting some mums out front, and continuing the kitchen reorganization.

I’ve got a tennis lesson coming up in less than an hour, while out today I’m going to the Half Price Bookstore to look for our book club books, to WalMart for some inexpensive mums and to Michaels to buy either the Scrapbook Trends book, the crocheting book or the cookbook (if I can use my coupon).

When I get home, I need to keep laundry moving, empty the dishwasher, load the van up with Goodwill stuff and make our bed.

That is the current plan.  More later.


I Love My Sunflowers September 15, 2008

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Love the Door September 9, 2008

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Love the door, the light fixture, the brickwork and the white woodwork around the door.   Picture from

Love the fall setup, looks like something I could do.  From Better Homes and Gardens via The Inspired Room Blog