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It Just Occurred to Me to See if my Library Carried These Books and February 9, 2010

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1074347737980954.JPG79809479921205 they do!!!!! and they have them in the audio version which will be great!!!!!  That way we can both read them at the same time!!!!!  Can you tell I’m excited?


Under Her Wing book written by a local woman February 8, 2010

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Under her wing: Parent writes book on developmental disabilities /    

Denise Gossage has written a book on her experience raising a child with developmental disabilities. Photo by Kevin Anderson Lawrence Journal World.   Denise Gossage has written a book on her experience raising a child with developmental disabilities

I read this article and just felt like it was something that needed to be saved and shared.  I hope that just the right person will pop by my blog and be blessed with this information.


Does Anyone Know of Someone Who Represents a True Christian Response February 5, 2010

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than the person who conducted this interview with Christopher Hitchens.  Good grief.

Portland Monthly Magazine / Arts & Entertainment / Home / Detail.

and is Hitchens atheism really “pantheism” a “religion for people who crave transcendence (as we humans do) but who don’t want to deal with a personal god. But he explains why pantheism, in that way, is true neither to reality, nor to what makes us human.

(As an aside, Orthodox Christianity has a similar but profoundly different metaphysic, one called “panentheism.” It teaches that God, in His energies, infuses created matter, but that created matter is not God (as pantheism would have it).)”  Quote from this article


Fascinating Story February 1, 2010

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Henrietta Lacks’ ‘Immortal’ Cells | Science & Nature | Smithsonian Magazine.


Have I Mentioned That My Son January 30, 2010

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is very interested in time and space distortion, the fabric of space, expanding of distortion in space; I have no idea really what any of it is but I am trying to find information and books for him about these topics.  I found this list of books to further check into.  I’ve got a few already on order from the library. 


E = mc2: A Biography of the World’s Most Famous Equation
by David Bodanis. Walker Books, 2005.

Einstein’s Cosmos: How Albert Einstein’s Vision Transformed Our Understanding of Space and Time
by Michio Kaku. W.W. Norton & Company, Inc., 2004.

Einstein 1905: The Standard of Greatness
by John S. Rigden. Harvard University Press, 2005.

Lise Meitner: A Life in Physics
by Ruth Lewin Sime. University of California Press, 1997.

Einstein’s Miraculous Year: Five Papers That Changed the Face of Physics
by John Stachel, ed. Princeton University Press, 1998.

Albert Einstein’s Vision: Remarkable Discoveries That Shaped Modern Science
by Barry Parker. Prometheus Books, 2004.

The Expanded Quotable Einstein
by Alice Calaprice, ed. Princeton University Press, 2000.

Dear Professor Einstein: Albert Einstein’s Letters to and From Children
by Alice Calaprice, ed. Prometheus Books, 2002.

PS  I think he may have figured out what LOST is about.  He scares me a little.


Book Recommendation January 27, 2010

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“Per Emily’s request in a previous comment, I thought I’d post a short list of my absolute favorite books. This one is entirely fiction, mostly novels with a few children’s tales thrown in for their rare quality of wonder. God in his mercy knew I would need story to come to terms with life and godliness and to be honest, these tales have been some of my most poignant spiritual mentors. But they are also my rest and delight, my comfort after long, dusty days, my friends in the twilight of evening. You probably know many of these, but perhaps you’ll find a new literary adventure, and that is always worthwhile.”

Elizabeth Goudge
Pilgrim’s Inn
Gentian Hill
The Dean’s Watch

Penelope Wilcock
The Hawk and the Dove

E.M. Almedingen

George Eliot
Daniel Deronda

G.K. Chesterton
The Man Who Was Thursday
The Father Brown Mysteries

George MacDonald
At the Back of the North Wind
The Highlander’s Last Song
The Marquis’ Secret

Leif Enger
Peace Like A River

Willa Cather
Death Comes for the Archbishop
My Antonia

Wendell Berry

J.R.R. Tolkien
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

C.S. Lewis
The Space Trilogy
The Great Divorce
The Chronicles of Narnia

Charles Dickens
Our Mutual Friend
David Copperfield

Elizabeth Yates
The Journeyman
Hue and Cry

Madeleine L’Engle
A Wrinkle In Time
A Wind in the Door

Chaim Potok
The Chosen

Fyodor Dostoyevsky
The Brothers Karamazov
Dreams of a Ridiculous Man

L.M. Montgomery
The Story Girl


Coffee Tea Books and Me: “Cozy” book and film recommendations #1 January 26, 2010

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I am always looking for book recommendations and came across these:

Coffee Tea Books and Me: “Cozy” book and film recommendations #1.


Frugal Home Design: $20 DIY Book Display-4 Shelves

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I might be able to actually do this.  So cool and there is always a need for displaying books.

Frugal Home Design: $20 DIY Book Display-4 Shelves.


The Better Part – A Christ-Centered Resource for Personal Prayer – Catholic Spiritual Direction January 24, 2010

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The Better Part – A Christ-Centered Resource for Personal Prayer

by Father John Bartunek, LC

No one who is learning or desires to learn to pray more deeply and meditate more effectively on the person and work of Christ should go without this book. It offers a basic but at the same time sufficiently comprehensive overview of how to meditate in the Christian tradition (no New Age or Hindu/Buddhist influences here.)

Beyond the solid instruction on meditation method, Father John provides us with meditations through the four Gospels and group study questions at the end of each of the 303 meditation units.

via The Better Part – A Christ-Centered Resource for Personal Prayer – Catholic Spiritual Direction.


If You Like P D James You Might Like January 23, 2010

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L.R. Wright
Laurali R. Wright
Derrick Murdoch Award from Crime Writers of Canada, 2001

  Karl Alberg, a staff sergeant in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Sechelt, British Columbia, Canada:  
  The Suspect (1985)
1986 Edgar Award for Best Mystery
Finalist 1986 Arthur Ellis Award for Best Novel

Sleep While I Sing (1986)

A Chill Rain in January (1990)
1991 Arthur Ellis Award for Best Novel

Fall from Grace (1991)
Finalist 1992 Arthur Ellis Award for Best Novel

Prized Possessions (1993)
Finalist 1994 Arthur Ellis Award for Best Novel

A Touch of Panic (1994)
Finalist 1995 Arthur Ellis Award for Best Novel

Mother Love (1995)
1996 Arthur Ellis Award for Best Novel

Strangers Among Us (1997)

Acts of Murder1 (1998)

  1. Eddie Henderson introduced.  
  Edwina “Eddie” Henderson, a woman officer in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, in Sechelt, British Columbia, Canada, in the continuation of the series:  
  Kidnap (1999)
Finalist 2001 Arthur Ellis Award for Best Novel
Menace (2001)