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Food for thought September 3, 2007

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Never trade what you want at the moment for what you want the most.

 Don’t just react to the next thing that gets your attention.

Schedule your priorities every single day.

If you are not taking care of your health, eating well, keeping the house clean, being creative etc., then recognize that it is not high enough on your priority list.

Choose action over inaction.


A great quote that I want to use on a page with Rob and Matt

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“It’s the little moments that make life big”

“Every year it is incredible just how much you’re able to miss, while standing right there everyday watching it all happen.  You grew up so fast and literally right before my eyes.  You have changed so much with each passing year.  You’re amazing and I love you.”



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  1. Crepe mrytle
  2. Flowers blooming
  3. Don’t mess with Texas
  4. Great BBQ at Baker’s Rib
  5. The Texas flag – everywhere
  6. Courteous drivers in rural areas
  7. Rob watching Benji and clapping at the end “I loved it”
  8. Rob wanting to go see a cave and jump into a creek from a tree
  9. Rob being fascinated with cactus and deer.
  10. Rob saying that he “had the best time of anybody in San Antonio”
  11. Rob and Greg gathering rocks from the bottom of the Guadalupe River.  Rob wanted a shell and they found one!

Things I want to do different in 2007

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Make peanut brittle

Make address labels for Christmas cards

Make breads to give away

Give a birthday calendar to everyone

Have thank you notes already made up

Buy evergreen wreaths and red bows to hang on the house next year.  Need 13 for all the windows and Gregs cooperation.

Buy 8 rolls of Sally Foster paper for Christmas


December 26, 2006

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We had a great Christmas this year.  We opened gifts to each other early in the afternoon of the 24th.  Christmas was on Sunday so after we did the Chirpich family Christmas we went to Christmas Mass at Nativity.  The church looked beautiful.  The backdrops around the altar were lush copper fabric.  It looked great with the white lit Christmas trees.  Steve came over after that mass for his gifts.  Greg had a nice visit with him.  Dan and Greg shared a scotch while Rob and I went to bed so Santa woul come.  On Christmas morning, Rob Greg and I saw that Santa had come.  Rob got a Game Boy Advance with a Pokemon game, Lego Star Wars Imperial Starship an a Star Wars light saber.


Quilt Walk

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I want to do a page on the quilt walk in ___________, Kansas.  I may do the blocks set out on the page like they were on the town square with the names under them.  My favorites were Farmers Daughter and Windmill.    I like the memory of Greg and Rob counting the pieces of tile that made up each quilt block.

I asked Rob as we were leaving _________ about what he thought of the quilt blocks and murals we saw.  His reply, “loved it!, loved it!, loved it!”


Zapata Falls

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A 30 foot high waterfall cascades within a narrow cavern.  To get to it we drove up a winding, steep, dirt road filled with ruts.   We then walked alongside and in a flowing stream – the water was ice cold.  We stepped on rocks with Rob leading the way, again.  He was fearless and fast and it was great.  Well worth the trek.


The Great Sand Dunes National Park

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It was a 30 square mile dunefield that is simply amazing to see and was a wonderful achievement to walk up (and then back down)

Rob hike the farthest climbing probably 30 to 40 fee beyond Greg who was at an angle of probably 60 degrees 600 feet high.  Amazing.   The peak I climbed to was approximately 550 feet high.  I then climbed part way towards Greg and Rob and met them.  We then descended – Rob in the lead of course.  When we were nearly down to the creekbed, a sandstorm kicked up pelting us with lots and lots of tiny sand pebbles which hurt like heck.  As we got into the dry creek bed the wind died down.  The weather was great, pretty pleasant temperatures and some cloud cover.

The title for the scrapbook page I will do on this has to be “If I was you guys, I’d follow me” because that was what Rob said on the way back down as Greg and I were discussing the best route back.   We did as he said and followed him down.

A description of The Great Sand Dunes and the Sangre deCristo Mountains from some tourist information “here you experience the quiet beauty of a walk on the dunes.”



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Things I Want

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Enamel pots and pans with non stick interiors

Sparkly light fixtures in closet and kitchne

Freestanding vanity and makeup area

Refrigerator – bottom portion freezer with water in door

Leather chair in family room

Reupholster sofa in leather or get slipcover

Put pot lights in family room, Rob’s room, game room


Caleca Dinnerware – pink garland pattern 157

                                     frutta pattern 348

                                     esperro pattern 166

Polish Plates – Bunzlaur Stoneware or Zaklady Boleslaiec Cermiczne – Sunburst