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Today I Am 52 September 1, 2010

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Today is my birthday (52 years old) and I am so disappointed in myself for not “having it all together” by now and by how out of shape I’ve continued to get myself. Get not let, because I have chosen all along what to eat and do. No one forced me. I’ve let my focus issues, my depression issues and my life issues lead me around rather than writing my own life script.

This year I hope to “get it together”;   it  being:

  • my weight
  • my waist
  • my resting heart rate
  • my blood pressure
  • my cholesterol readings
  • my C reactive protein level
  • my fasting blood sugar level
  • my home
  • my hobbies
  • and my exercise

Been Ill, Haven’t Talked About It February 24, 2010

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still not talking because I don’t know what I know yet.  The one test that I wasn’t worried about the C-Reactive Protein one is the one that came back high.  This link explains some about it uses.

The one test I thought would tell me I had a bladder infection came back contaminated with skin cells – phooey.    My LDL was up also, which I don’t understand.  It has been fine for a long time.  Thus, I don’t know what I know. 

I am to up my Fish Oil to 3 times a day and start taking Red Rice Yeast pills twice a day and recheck in three months.  Okay. . .


Sons February 14, 2010

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I was blessed with boys, love em.  One is 25 and one is 11.  I am forever calling them by each other’s names.  Swore I would never do it, but it happens – fact of life.

DS, the older, and I have had a bit of a falling out since Christmas time – at least that is when it came to a head.  It has been difficult and my heart has been heavy but I have tried very hard to drop him and everything about him into God’s hands.  I was surprised on Friday evening by a text message from him that he was on his way to the All Star Game in Dallas.  He has been a huge basketball fan since he was in second grade and my dad took him to a Big 12 Conference game.  Needless to say, I was thrilled for him, but full of questions because he isn’t a college educated big wig with a great job.  He is, however, very friendly and has many people in his world who like to help him out periodically.  A friend’s girlfriend lives in Dallas and apparently through her employer she was able to get him a ticket to the game tonight.  On Saturday, he texted me a number of messages and I to him.  The most we have “talked” since Christmas really.  It was great, I felt like I was allowed in his world again for a time and I am extremely grateful.  God is good.  If anyone reads this particular entry, would you said a pray for my DS, the older, that he open himself up to a relationship with the Lord and that God place in his path, Godly people to show him the way? 

Gratefully yours,



Seven Quick Takes September 10, 2009

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1.  I am 51 years old and my youngest son is 11.  We both went to our first political rally on Saturday.  It was held at Theis Park in KCMO.  We couldn’t get there until it was almost over, but we had a great time and met some good people.  I’m excited at the candidate running against Dennis Moore.  Her name is Patricia Lightner.  I’ve also been contacted by the Kansas City Tea Party reference a conference call for tomorrow night.

2.  My husband and I pushed back at our school and school district reference the curriculum the Department of Education wanted the school to use surrounding the president’s speech.  We were polite and respectful but I am sure the school feels like we are so close to the right edge we will fall off.  Oh well.

The school district ended up saying show the video (fine) don’t do the curriculum (fantastic).  I showed up at school to watch the video with my son and it was so soooo “chilly” in the normally “warm” school.  Oh well.

3.  I had a Premier Jewelry party a week or so ago and got my jewelry  on Wednesday.  So totally cool.  If you haven’t had one before, go for it.  The hostess plan is great and the jewlery is really pretty.

4.  My sister’s MS episode continues to drag on.   What a cruel disease; what a brave sister.  I learned yesterday that she is going to start the process to get on disability.   She so didn’t want to have to do this yet.  Her goal was to make it 20 years at her job but it looks like 19 is it. 

5.  Chili’s Restaurant is having a month long promotion for St. Jude’s Childrens Hospital.  On September 28th, the entire corporation is donating their profits to the hospital.  At some restaurants, the wait staff is donating their tips that day.  I’d encourage everyone to visit Chili’s this month, color a pepper and donate some money to St. Jude’s – they print you a receipt right there at the restaurant!   If you can make it to the restaurant on the 28th, consider doing it.

6.  I got an e-mail from a Catholic friend and leader of our rosary group reference a postcard campaign blogger Katy at freedombites has suggested.  I think it is a great idea and am passing it on for you to do with as you like.

7.  Today is September 11th, eight years later.  God bless America, God bless the souls on board and God bless their families.

For more quick takes visit Jen at Conversion Diary


Who Knew? January 23, 2009

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My doctor scored the tests that DH and I filled out and told me that I am have ADD and have had it for a long time.  Who knew?  I am sure this explains alot about all those whys I’ve had in my life.  I am still absorbing this information.  He is having me try some medication.  I am hopeful that perhaps you can teach an old dog new tricks.


Rob Got His Glasses July 23, 2008

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Rob’s glasses came in today.  He looks so cute in them although different, of course.  It will take a bit for me to get used to them as it will him. 

It was quite something to watch him as things he hadn’t previously been able to see became clear.  He just had a look of wonderment on his face that nearly brought me to tears.  I am so glad God let me know I needed to get his eyes checked out.  He is so good to us.  I am also so grateful that I live in a country where I can have access to doctors and opticians who can help my dear one see and I am so grateful DH has a job that lets us be able to buy these glasses.  So, so grateful.


First Gratituesday June 2, 2008

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I came upon this site  while reading another blog and loved the concept of Gratitude and a weekly place to remember to list what I am grateful for.  I’ve attempted gratitude journals in the past but since I am trying to stop the paper flow and put everything in one place I thought I would use this venue.  I am grateful for:

  1. My Lord and Savior
  2. My DH and DSs
  3. My eyesight
  4. My hearing
  5. My ability to walk
  6. My voice
  7. My ability to read
  8. Sunshine
  9. Puffy white clouds
  10. Friends
  11. Extended family
  12. Flowers
  13. Quiet
  14. Being born in the USA
  15. That my husband has a job
  16. That our only debt is our home
  17. The Bible
  18. Good books
  19. Funny people
  20. A good crisp salad

RED FLAGS June 1, 2008

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I’ve had a lot of stuff going on in my head this past month I would say.  I had reached a point over the past year that I could say I was generally more happy than sad but the clouds seem to have returned.  I am unsettled; something is off.  I was reading through some blog entries of various different bloggers I have found and enjoy.  “One of them was talking about red flags–they mean something and we do no good by ignoring them.  I know this is what I’ve been doing.

RED FLAG-I say I want to lose weight (I’m talking 70 pounds!) but my actions don’t consistently follow that path.

RED FLAG-I say God is important to me but my time spent with him of late does not reflect this.

RED FLAG-I say I want to keep a neat home for my family and myself but everywhere I look there is at least one pile, one corner, one surface, one floor not reflecting that. 

RED FLAG-I say I want to stop procrastinating, stop my lazy ways, stop wasting my time (and life) but then i continue to fall right back into the same habits I say I want to stop.

All this is very frustrating for me.  It plumments my self esteem and I wonder why does my DH love me; why do I get offers to do this or that in organizations I belong to; don’t they know I am not worthy?

Clearly in evaluating this RED FLAGS I can see that if I put God first he will lead the way.  Since I’ve slipped from putting him first he is letting me wander through the desert.  I really believe that my father is waiting for me to catch up with him again.  I just need to turn around, run a bit and slip my hand into his and go where he leads me.

To God Be the Glory.  Amen.



Last day of school May 28, 2008

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I will be leaving in a few short minutes to go pick up my DS from his last day as a third grader.  He got out of the car today and said that he would miss third grade and that he doesn’t believe it when Cassidy and Kimberly tell him he’ll be glad to get out of high school and college.  He says he will miss that too.   Such a tender heart.  I love him so.


Important March 7, 2008

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06-07-03 – Mom C. had stroke

05-11-04 – Greg’s wreck

05-21-04 – Steve left home

05-23-04 – Dan graduated

06-07-04 – Greg bought Red Ranger 4×4

06-30-04 – Grandma Booe’s funeral

05-05-07 – Rob’s 1st communion

12-23-07 – Marriage blessed

04-20-08 – Tyler moved to Colorado Springs

05-26-08 – Tyler got married

08-11-08 – Matt bought a house