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A Very Clever Blogger August 28, 2009

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Go here to see her inspiration and her tutorial.  Wow.


Comparing the Two

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bedrooms.  The coverlets are both white.  I like the neutral color walls in the second photo “(wood bed).  I like the pillow shams in the second photo as well.  The first photo (fabric headboard) bed is more like what ours currently looks like and while I don’t like bedskirts I do like this one.


Another Bedroom . . .Love It!

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 This  is a Lynn Morgan design on that I found via this blog  I think what I like about it is the color of the blue and the white coverlet spread against the bedskirt.  I also enjoy the matching


Bedroom I Love August 3, 2009

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This is from Southern Hospitality, you have to go look at her blog.  I love this bedroom look, especially the bed.  That is exactly what I want.  I’m a blue girl too and I’m 50 which she says she is somewhere, I think in her laundryroom redo.  Anyway, since this is the place I’m storing all my ideas and inspiration, here is a bedroom one. 



Beadboard Wallpaper!

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Saw this on 320 * Sycamore’s blog.  Who knew they made beadboard wallpaper?  I love the look and wonder if I could use it in my laundry room.  Here is the inspiration look along with her explanation of it.

I used the beadboard wallpaper on my cabinets! Love, love them. My husband kept going back in and saying, wow, they look so good! I’ll do another post on how I did them, but Rhoda was my inspiration for these, and the paint color on the walls, which is Behr Grasscloth. Thank you, Rhoda! The new knobs are from Hob Lob, 50% off. ($3 each)



I don’t know who Rhoda is so, I’m off to see what she has to say.  Okay, now I know who Rhoda is and she has quite the post on beadboard wallpaper, along with a link on where to order it from.  Glad I checked her out.  I’m going to go back and look at her kitchen because I’m loving what I did see of it.


Make Your Own Pancake Syrup August 1, 2009

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H/T to this blog for the tip below.  Go check her out as she has lots of other great ideas.


8. Pancake Syrup – My littlest sister taught me this trick. If real maple syrup is beyond the budget (which it is right now), stir up a potful of your own pancake syrup — without the high fructose corn syrup. Simply combine 1 cup hot water, 2 cups sugar and 1/2 teaspoon maple flavoring. Bring to a boil and heat until thickened.