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If This is Just October 28, 2008

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. . . . a small fishbowl thingy with roses cut short in them, then I could do that.  I’ve been tempted to throw out those three fishbowl things for years.  I’ll have to try this.  The photo came from Designs by Gollum.  Go check her out.  She has lots and lots of cool stuff and is a writer so you know she’s good.



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This is how I would like my stairs to look, rather than the dirty dull carpet that is currently on it.  I got this photo from Designs by Gollum – she has lots of good stuff.


Add These to My List of Beautiful Flowers October 15, 2008

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The flowers from the above blog are gorgeous and the gal says she doesn’t have a green thumb!


Loving This

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I just love it when folks take old pieces of furniture and paint them up to look absolutely marvelous.  While I can’t see my self painting in these colors in my home I love them just the same.  The colors just aren’t what would work in my home.  Unfortunately my DH would never dream of accepting that our bedroom furniture let’s say would look great if painted.  So I suffer with it and fondly gaze at other’s beautiful furniture delights.  Some of which I’ve linked to here:

these chairs on on the above site, just at a different spot.  The above link is for a sweater cabinet.


The Answer I Was Looking For! October 14, 2008

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If you have ketoris pilarus (spelling?)  This answers my question.  I’ve got this stuff upstairs right now for my feet.  Nothing else I have tried has worked on these bumps on my arms.  I will try this!  Yeah!  Thanks to Blissfully Domestic blog on style.

Budget-friendly route: Use a mixture of coarse salt (sea salt or kosher) and plain sugar to scrub, then twice a day apply FootSmart NightTime Heel Treatment Cream $7.99 at Footsmart – it’s got alpha-hydroxy acids and urea. Plus, it works great on your feet too!

Be patient; it will take time to get rid of KP, but if you’re diligent you’ll win the battle. And once you do, you’ll need to do regular maintenance to make sure it doesn’t come back.

Finn exfoliates regularly to keep her skin silky smooth. To keep her writing skills silky smooth, she has a blog.


Jack Cashill October 13, 2008

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Interesting link to read on Obama


Leading for What Reason October 11, 2008

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Journal Entry from my SparkPageJournal