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From New Gardners Site January 24, 2010

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Vegetables: Flowers:
Tomatoes Cosmos
Lettuce Marigolds
Green beans Sunflowers
Spinach, cool weather Sweet alyssum
Zucchini, Summer Squash Zinnias, from transplants
Broccoli, Cabbage Balsam
Peas (spring planting) Cleome
Asian Greens Morning Glories
Onions (from sets) Nasturtium
Winter Squash Four O’ Clocks
Beets Poppies, Annual types (sow in fall or very early spring)
Pumpkins California Poppies (sow in fall or very early spring)
Radishes Impatiens in shade, from transplants
Tomatillos in full sun Begonias, from transplants

Gardening, a Post Similar to My Own Thoughts June 27, 2009

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This post has some ideas I have used (small plants, native plants) and others that I hadn’t even thought of (taking cuttings).


About Knockout Roses April 23, 2009

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//  basically, prune to shape in spring and continue to do so through the summer.  Deadhead as needed.  Keep the heartiest canes if you have to make a choice.

Information about Knockout roses history can be found here.


Looks Like I’m Late

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but there may be hope per this information:

Planting seeds indoors in transplant pots


If it’s spring or summer (late March thru July) and you missed out on planting in the fall or winter, you can stratify the seeds artificially. Just mix equal parts moist sand with the seeds directly in their plastic packet. Place the packets in the refrigerator (not the freezer). After about 45 days you can plant the seeds indoors in pots. Don’t worry about the sand, it can be put in the pots with the seeds.

Germinate the seeds indoors, because the indoor temperature is optimal for seed germination. Outdoor temperatures tend to be too warm to promote seed germination.

Transplanting your seedlings

When the seedlings have two or three true leaves, they are ready for transplanting into their permanent location.


Be sure to water the seedlings after transplanting. Keep watering them until they are established – usually for a couple weeks. Mulching is helpful to keep weeds down and conserve moisture.

Many plants will flower their first or second year from seed!



Purple Lupines April 19, 2009

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I love purple and yellow together.  So pretty.


All About Blue! April 4, 2009

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It’s Blue Monday! I stumbled upon Smiling Sally who hosts a weekly event called Blue Monday.  I love Blue so I decided this is for me.

Blue Skies, love them  When I'm sleeping, I slow down my breathing...Living in dreams, dreams that come true...thinking of the color blue... ZZZzzzzzz... by neloqua

I love them in the mountains, in the winter, in the summer, whether they are royal blue, or sky blue.  I just love blue.  How about you?


Friday’s Fave Five April 2, 2009

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1.  Tonight we got an unexpected night to ourselves as our 10 year old was invited to spend the night with a friend.  DH and got to talk about a lot of things coming up, about our days and just generally connect without interruption.

2.  The smell of hyacinths, need I say more.

3.  I’ve decided my prayer chair will be the exercise ball since that will be a good place to store it, it is close to the computer and I need to work on my core body strength.

4.  I was offered the replacement position to teach school of religion for the remainder of the year.  My son told me, that he thought I would be good at it.  That made me feel so wonderful.

5.  I was able to start reading my book again, The Zookeepers Wife.  I had been having trouble settling down to read of late and since I love to read that was distressing.

To see how everyone else’s weeks went head over here.