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Gardening, a Post Similar to My Own Thoughts June 27, 2009

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This post has some ideas I have used (small plants, native plants) and others that I hadn’t even thought of (taking cuttings).


Ramblings June 26, 2009

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Life has been going fast and furious but I’ve handled things well for the most part, I believe. 

I had my colonoscopy – don’t ask.  Everything is fine although I do have a couple of questions for my doctor.  I go see her on the next month.  Questions for your are:

  • what is and ischemic event and what does it mean
  • will the diverticulosis pockets heal or are they there for good
  • how do you get the above
  • was it the prep solutions I used for the test that caused the period of very high blood pressure

That is what I can think of now.

I spent time with my aunt yesterday during an unexpected break from DS.  I had a wonderful time and am so glad I called her.  God told me too and it was the right thing.  God also told me to call Joyce after the meeting and I did and that was also the right thing.  She was real down when she first answered and was really up by the end

DS  is enjoying summer.  We have been very busy.  He has been continuing in tennis lessons and golf lessons.  His friend doesn’t want to continue which is too bad but we will on tennis for sure and probably the next set of golf lessons.  I feel that DS will then be prepared to play a bit with dad, Matt and Jim.  I hope playing on the course at Grand Court comes to fruition.  I need to pursue that with Terri, although she is so busy with her father right now.

We went to see UP! twice and Night at the Museum once.  Loved them both.  DS  saw previews for a lot of movies he wants to see.

DS played with Evan yesterday and now that I know they live so close, we will do that again.

We are going to sell the Datsun (1969 Roadster, 32,000 miles).  If it sells, that will go toward debt reduction.  I want to look at a Mustang for me with the thought that it would go to DS in five years.  DH wants to do a Acura TL, which would be nice but the money worries me.  I haven’t priced a Mustang though so I should do that before I do anything else.

Lots to do so I best go


Make Your Own Deep Hair Conditioner

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I subscribe to The Grocery Shrink newsletter and saw this recipe for a dry hair conditioner.  The ingredients are something I’m going to have to search for.  Angela, the newsletter’s author provided links. 

Here is the one for the white clay powder

Here is one for the jojoba oil

Here is one for the coconut oil


Trying a New Medication June 2, 2009

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So the Strattera worked for me some but not spectacularly.  I am now trying Vyvanse and as warned, my blood pressure is going up.  I had gotten it to go down to a pre hypertension level with Vitamin D.  I had my colonoscopy on Friday and the stuff I took had gobs of sodium in it and my BP was way high.  I couldn’t be on Vitamin D for the four days before the procedure and then on Monday I started the Vyvanse.  My last reading was 160/90!!!  I am goin to go down and get on the bike to do some cardio and then retake it.  I feel sleepy even though I slept last night.

I took some notes on calcium citrate & magnesium and they are as follows:

Take one citracal one time @ bedtime.  I need 1200 mg a day.  Calcium citrate is supposed to make you sleepy.  I’ll take one in the a.m.  I will eat yogurt and drink milk to get calcium in that way. 

1 Citracel = 400 mg

Taking magnesium with calcium helps avoid constipation.  If I do get constipated I should take a stool softner.

Calcium with Vitamin D is a must for absorbtion.  Citracal has Vitamin D in it


A New Way To Look At Things To Do

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This is not a list for crossing off, but for filling in, and I like that idea (though I must say that crossing off tasks when they’re completed feels good!). My focus here is not so much on conquering tasks as living a well-rounded, caring, lovely life:


Do something, no matter how small, to bring beauty into my life or home. Create. Bring nature indoors. Set a nice table. Rearrange something. Spruce up an area that looks stagnant. Paint, draw, quilt, stitch, sew, construct.


Bring order out of chaos. However little, wherever it is needed, whether a room, a drawer, a file, a shelf, a closet, a garden bed.


Grow by reading, thinking, writing, discussing. Contemplate. Wonder. Appreciate. Stretch a bit. Do what I love.


Show extra care to someone. Prayer, thoughtfulness, service, make a phone call, write a letter. Make an effort. Love.
Seek God wholeheartedly. Read the Bible. Meditate. Pray for others. Keep a journal. However short or long the time is for this, hem it in quietness and prayer. Do all things as unto Him.

Outdoor Physical.

Move. Walk, garden, bike, hike. Just move in nature, enjoying the weather (no matter the weather!) and the fresh air. (And if the weather conditions are dangerous, I’ll stay indoors and find a fun way to move!)





From High Desert Home

I found the above on High Desert Home blog.  I liked the idea and feel it contributes to my desire for balance.


Books To Read? June 1, 2009

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Books written by women are intriguing me more and more these days, some books recommended by a no longer active blogger are below along with some information on her feelings about books, reading, and writing.
“I love old books where women journaled about the positive aspects of their daily lives… For some reason, the ones I like are usually stories of country life. They are light and innocuous, but full of more simple, unaffected, practical wisdom than their detractors could imagine. I find these books lovely, enjoyable, and inspiring. And they remind me that the hours, the days, the seasons, the years pass quickly, and we should savor them.”

 Here is a small list of some of my books. When I wrote about this sort of book in that earlier post, I was particularly thinking of Glady’s Taber’s Stillmeadow books (my best friend introduced me to them more than 15 years ago). Taber is no country bumpkin. She spent a good deal of time in the city and taught writing at Columbia.

“…country folk learn fast, for they grow up with the habit of thinking and doing. It is possible to live passively in the city, sitting in the theater or looking at pictures or listening to music, but on the farm a man figures things out on his own, creates his own tools, studies the ways of nature, actively experiences every day.” ~Gladys Taber
The greater part of the list consists of these books by Taber:
The Book of Stillmeadow
Stillmeadow and Sugarbridge
Stillmeadow Daybook
Still Cove Journal
The Stillmeadow Road
Stillmeadow Seasons

 From the blogger’s bookshelves, here are a few of that sort of book by other authors. There are country journals, humorous books galore, and lots more, but these are books about peope’s lives that I particularly think have some real wisdom to offer (and, of course, there are many, many other good books out there would fit the bill here):

Little House in the Ozarks by Laura Ingalls Wilder (articles and musings on a variety of topics)
First We Have Coffee by Margaret Jensen (not really a journal, but worth reading)
Ranch Under the Rimrock by Dorothy Lawson McCall (wonderful!)
Letters of a Woman Homesteader by Elinore Pruitt Stewart (one of my all-time favorites)





Add This to the List

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I have been finding over the course of the past few years that I really enjoy reading biographies, historical fiction and books telling the stories of real people in real situations.  I am currently reading The ZooKeepers Wife which is a WWII Poland story that is fascinating.  Having read The River of Doubt by Candice Millard, the following entry is another blog caught my eye when I saw it involved Teddy Roosevelt.  So, add it to the list!  Here is what the blogger said about the book:


Have you read Theodore Roosevelt’s Letters to His Children? Because if you haven’t, I think you should stop what you’re doing, locate the book, and read it. It is charming, heart-warming, funny, and refreshing. And everyone should read The One Bad Thing About Father aloud to their children, a little book about the rollicking good times had by the Roosevelt children and their father in the White House (they played hard in that building, and all sorts of animals– including ponies– came in, too!). The narrative of this children’s book was derived largely, I believe, from Teddy Roosevelt’s letters to his children.

From High Desert Home