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I Can Do This February 11, 2010

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Spotted this cute wall hanging on a blog called  Secret Pie Shoppe and I thought, I can do this!

I will use the GW frame that the glass broke out of to “frame” it so that will be different and I’ll probably use some old scrapbook paper instead of the sheet music she used because I don’t have any of that but I do have scraps of scrapbook paper leftover from making DS, the younger’s valentines.  I’ll probably put the hearts on a piece of old posterboard we have and tape it to the frame then find a hole in the wall that needs something on it and ta da, there it will be.  (When I make it and take a photo of it, I’ll post it here).  Head over here to check out other clever things she has made with little to no money being expended.


UFO’s February 2, 2010

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I’ve never finished a quilt.  I have a lot of UFO’s.  I have a lot of fabric to make a variety of quilts that I have liked the looks of over the past few years.  I just finished listening to The Christmas Quilt by Jennifer Chevarini. 

It was good, and had several messages that I am sure God will have me ponder and make changes in my life when the time is right.  One of the things that I felt him say to me is not to let the imperfectness of what I have made stop me from making something of them as they are, or together.  I feel like I need to finish several of them as they are and then they will be my example of what I learned in making a particular block or set of blocks.  From there onward to new learning experiences.  So glad I listen sometimes when God talks to me.  We’d all do well to listen to that small voice whispering ideas to us.



What Do You Think? February 1, 2010

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I’m going to have to check into this further.  Does it help with static cling?  I know it helps things dry faster which is great. 

Make Your Own Wool Dryer Balls

goodmama: Make Your Own Wool Dryer Balls.


How to Make a Joy Sign January 30, 2010

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Okay, when I saw that title in Google Reader, I had to Press It.  That’s my word!

that artist woman: How to Make a Joy Sign.


This Stamper Has Such Cute, Creative Ideas

you have to visit her at No Time To Stamp and just look at how talented she is and then who all she links to.  Definite eye candy material.  The photo below is what I am thinking I will make for DS Fifth Grade Teacher and as my treat to DS.  What do you think?



Fuzzy Pillow January 28, 2010

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When I saw this entry I thought, are you kidding me!  Why didn’t I think of that.  So cute, so simple, so out of the box and so something I’m gonna do.  I’ve been looking for inexpensive but unusual pillows for our bedroom for. . .well, a long time.  Love it!

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