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Last day of school May 28, 2008

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I will be leaving in a few short minutes to go pick up my DS from his last day as a third grader.  He got out of the car today and said that he would miss third grade and that he doesn’t believe it when Cassidy and Kimberly tell him he’ll be glad to get out of high school and college.  He says he will miss that too.   Such a tender heart.  I love him so.


See 101 Things in 1001 Days May 25, 2008

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I should have included this page under Lists in Catgories too but now I can’t figure out how to do it after the fact.  It is, however a list and should be there too.  Gotta say though that I’m glad I realized how to add a page!


Eucharistic Adoration

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Please click on the above link for a great entry this blogger made on Adoration.


This I Love

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Working on the computer while listening to the conversations my DH and DS are having while watching Bullitt on television boy can DS ask questions and can DH say “I don’t know” over and over.  I love glancing over every once in a while to see them sitting so close together.  DS loves his daddy so much and bonding over movies like this or NASCAR races or history channel stuff is the greatest. 

I wish I would have started counting questions asked at the time I started this entry.  I bet we’ve had 20.  DH is anxiously awaiting the chase scene.  DS has no clue what daddy is talking about.  I wonder if he’ll be as impressed as daddy seems to be. 

DH is now answering some questions with something other than “I don’t know”.  I do believe the scene is beginning.  DS just noticed the 3rd hubcap came off.  Motorcycle crash with random act of kindness by passing motorist while McQueen waits to make sure everything is okay.  All good and they are off.  More questions, some answers.  Eyes are covered for the shooting scene.  There go the bad guys.  What a scene.  They don’t make ’em like that anymore. 

I just found out that DH had never seen that scene before!!!   Where the heck has he been?  Know wonder he kept saying “I don’t know”!  He really didn’t.  Every day you learn something new don’t you?


Working With My DH

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Today I went to DH office after swim lessons.  We ate lunch then I helped him file in his office.  It looked much better when I left.  He thinks if I do that two or three more times we will have it licked.  I hope so.  I got to see his second office today.  The view is nicer and so is the furniture but the available filing area is much.  Hopefully he won’t need to keep much paper.  His desk was a mess. 

We prayed that God would help us know what to do about the job situation.  It appears he may be in consideration for two positions, both out of town.   What a mess.  We must listen closely to God.

I did tell DH to get a second motorcycle – we can always sell it when the first one is back together.  He really needs the outlet, it has been four years, but I have to say that it does scare me.  I told him he absolutely could not drive on the Interstate and he absolutely could not have another wreck.  Peace be with me Lord.


To Get Done May 23, 2008

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  1. Write letters
  2. Bake chicken, then shred it DONE
  3. Get haircut DONE
  4. Finish laundry
  5. Get wedding gift together  DONE
  6. Go to CVS – use coupons to get canned meat DECIDED NOT TOO
  7. Divide out nuts, crackers, chips as snacks
  8. Look for more large glass jars  DONE
  9. Find out if I can have music played on my blog
  10. Sweep floors
  11. Mop floors
  12. Return WalMart things  DONE
  13. Look at sheets and washclothes at WalMart
  14. Clean out tool drawers, combine into one and use the other one for something else
  15. Start making room chore list
  16. Keep making list of summer things to do
  17. God time – should have been first
  18. Get to reconciliation on Saturday
  19. Make back area of playroom a reading nook
  20. Make back area of family room an office area

What I Learned Today (so far)

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I’ve been running around the internet for the past hour and picked up the following ideas/information/etc.

  • doesn’t look like it will work on WordPress
  • try using windex to clean the laminate floor
  • everyone seems happy David Cook won – as am I
  • there are alot of happy homeschooling moms out there
  • someone else likes to use glass for storing leftovers in and they use them for their pantry items which I just started yesterday!
  • there are alot of christian women blogging – love it
  • Ace Hardware is having what looks to be a good sale from the 23rd to the 26th – may have to go
  • the Reach flosser I ust bought an use is now available as a sample
  • another plug for using washclothes as napkins
  • more people are using cloth bags but I think I’m happier about it that they are; I didn’t realize how much I did not like those stupid plastic bags
  • a lot of folks seem to have homemaking binders; that just never seemed to work for me
  • I am going to start using a chore chart for Rob and I this summer with duties we can do together for each room
  • and finally, not everybody’s homes are picture perfect; I love the people who post real (before they clean up photos); that being said, I also love those picture perfect shots.