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Fabulous Article In CSM February 18, 2010

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All in one place what several conservative groups are planning to do to get USA under control.  Hopefully when I research each document site I’ll find among other things, stop wasteful spending, balance the budget REALLY and HONESTLY, reduction in the size and scope of government, security of our country a top priority and a new, honest, dependable batch of leaders for those of us who are conservative with a clear voice about the fact that conservative doesn’t mean we don’t care about the poor, the meek, the hungry, the sick etc. just that we have valid ideas too about how best to serve the sometimes marginalized parts of society that doesn’t include mammoth federal government programs where power hungry bureaucrats create their kingdoms rather than addressing the nuts and bolts issues.


Lost, Final Season, Episode 2 (or 3 depending) February 9, 2010

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A bit disappointed in this episode but that is how Lost flows sometimes.  Favorite line was Jack saying “I don’t even trust myself”.  Haven’t we all been there at one time or another. 

 Good to see Claire, except at the end – she turned into Rousseau!  Our family loved it when Kate was pulling stuff out of the diaper bag she stole from Claire and there was a killer whale.  DS, the younger’s whale like that is named “Whaley”, he was originally DS, the older so he’s practically an antique! and he’s been with DS, the younger every night for years.  We left him in a crummy motel (crummy only in that it was an old, old motel with none of the frills and buttons of new hotels but it had two beds and air conditioning so we stopped ) in New Mexico once.  We had driven probably five hours before we realized he was missing.  DS, the younger was so brave about it.  We called the motel when we got cell phone service again.  Had to leave a message on their machine.  We called again when we got home.  They had it and agreed to mail it to us.  Very, very nice.  When we got it back, they had even laundered it.  It was a lovely reunion.  If I remember the name of the motel, I’ll add it here, as they were good people.  Anyway, back to LOST, don’t remember if we had seen said whale before, but. . .black and white people, black and white.

Miles had a couple of funny lines, “. . .we’ll be in the food court” and something like “. . .and Hurley’s in charge now”.  It was also funny when he (Miles) was interviewing Sayid, “. . .did you see any white light. . . .”


Under Her Wing book written by a local woman February 8, 2010

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Under her wing: Parent writes book on developmental disabilities /    

Denise Gossage has written a book on her experience raising a child with developmental disabilities. Photo by Kevin Anderson Lawrence Journal World.   Denise Gossage has written a book on her experience raising a child with developmental disabilities

I read this article and just felt like it was something that needed to be saved and shared.  I hope that just the right person will pop by my blog and be blessed with this information.


Does Anyone Know of Someone Who Represents a True Christian Response February 5, 2010

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than the person who conducted this interview with Christopher Hitchens.  Good grief.

Portland Monthly Magazine / Arts & Entertainment / Home / Detail.

and is Hitchens atheism really “pantheism” a “religion for people who crave transcendence (as we humans do) but who don’t want to deal with a personal god. But he explains why pantheism, in that way, is true neither to reality, nor to what makes us human.

(As an aside, Orthodox Christianity has a similar but profoundly different metaphysic, one called “panentheism.” It teaches that God, in His energies, infuses created matter, but that created matter is not God (as pantheism would have it).)”  Quote from this article


LOST, Final Season, Episode 1 February 4, 2010

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I’ve never participated in any Lost link up party in the past season, although I have read them.  I have been a faithful viewer of LOST since the very first episode captured me.  Never before have I been so engrossed in a storyline, set of characters nor have I spent any time discussing every episode with some other Lost fan. 

Since we know this is the final season, however, I wanted to keep my thoughts and ah ha’s in one place and that, of course, is here.

1.  I wondered if the show would start off with the characters departing in LA.  It seems to have.

2.  LaPetas (spelling unsure of right now) gave me my favorite line – from last season’s finale but whatever.  It was something to the effect of (when discussing what Faraday had said) LaPetas said

I don’t know, half of what he says is way over my head and the other half is WAY, WAY over my head. 


LOL,  long and hard.

3.  The Black Smoke Monster is The Man In Black.  Hmmmmm.  Good one.

4.  Sayid had to die, like John Locke had to die, so that Jacob had a loophole to get back in (whatever the heck is going on.)

5.  Color change – MIB (always in dark colors and is dark skinned, dark hair, dark eyes) now being played by John Locke who always wears like colors; Jacob (always wears like colors and is fair skinned with blue eyes) now being play by Sayid who always wears dark colors, is dark skinned with dark hair and dark eyes.   Hmmmmmm.  Interesting.

6.  Good to finally see Claire.

7.  Christian is obviously someone very important in this whole scheme of things since is body is missing from the plane that made it to LA.

8.  I never, in all the time Jack and John were on the island together ever thought, “I wonder if Jack could fix John so he could walk”.  Which, of course, you would if them met under different circumstances and, of course they did when filing for lost items (knives, I love it).   What did Jack do?  Gave John hope when he gave him his card.

9.  So THAT’s what was in the guitar case Hurley had.

That’s it for now.  More later.


Today February 2, 2010

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I tried to download into my media player a book I purchased.  If it works, I’ll let you know what I thought.  I know so little about how to do these types of things and I just work and work until I think I have it done.  I know if I keep doing the same things over and over, eventually I will actually KNOW how to do them.  Don’t we tell our children that “practice makes perfect” and “don’t give up, you can do it” and “every time you try something you are perfecting your skills”.  I know I do.  I also know I don’t talk to myself that way often enough.  So. . .you can do it Julie.


USCCB – (Film and Broadcasting) – Ten Best List from 1965 to 2007 January 31, 2010

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So pleased I found this list so I know what movies to possibly rent when I go to the library!

USCCB – (Film and Broadcasting) – Ten Best List from 1965 to 2007.


Are You a Homeschooler September 7, 2009

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or are you interested in homeschooling?  If so, you should check out The Old Schoolhouse magazine.  I am considering homeschooling for my son and found the fall issue on sale at Barnes and Noble.  Was I ever impressed.  They are offering a great promotion for new subscriptions. 

 The issues are big nearly 200 pages and is full of content.  Until (Sept. 20), you can get one-year print subscription! or renew for only $7.95, a savings of over 68%. The subscription starts with the fall issue. The magazine is published quarterly. Act quickly– this deal is good for the first 2,000 subscriptions only.


What a Way to Walk Down the Aisle July 24, 2009

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Received this is an e-mail, I don’t know the people involved nor did the person whom I got this from but I want to view this whenever I need a happy heart.  Might be a bit irreverant for some but I say, loosen up a bit.


A Brillant Article About What Really Matters April 16, 2009

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