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Getting Started April 30, 2008

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I have always had a hard time getting started. . .and then finishing projects.   I have an incredible need to research things which leads me to learn about other things which then finds me interested in yet something and on and on.  This blog for instance.  The idea was for it to be the one place where I could put all the pieces of information that interested me, that I wanted to remember or that I could use at a later time.  In fact, I contemplated naming the blog all in one place.  I decided to name it alwayswithme because I wanted to remember and reflect that I know God is alwayswithme.

So I gathered up a lot of my information and recorded it haphazadly in a notebook — which is a good thing but the instead of blogging it.  Most of it sits still in the notebook and much more has accumulated on my desk.

Speaking of my desk, I actually have a whole room and it is a mess — there are piles everywhere and I don’t know where to start again.  I would love to have the room organized so that each day I could go in there and be productive but it isn’t and so I’m not.  Instead, I am spread out all over the house.  Not fair to the family and not fair to me.  I need a kick in the rear to get me going and then some spurring on my ribs to keep me going until I have completed the task at hand.

I’m going to tag label this as uncatagorized, organization, and lists because I don’t like the category uncatagorized, I want to be organized and I like lists!


Things he says April 25, 2008

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We call them Robisms.  When he was a little guy, he would pronounce hamburger – handgabur; animal – aminal; finger – thinger (he still does this sometimes).

When he can’t settle down he’ll often say that he “hasn’t run out of gas”.

On the day before the first day of school when he couldn’t sleep he said “all my parts haven’t gone away”


I love the way a childs mind works.  If you listen you will understand.


The Secret to Loving Your Workout

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Exercise with women your own age or older. They are at the place you are or will be.  The wisdom of women is tremendous.  We can find out where we will be if we continue down a particular path.  We can find out what is coming.  There is nothing wrong with younger, thinner, healthier women – we who are older, heavier and health challenged can mentor them.  Make sure you find your own mentor though.   Find weight loss/exercise partners.  Find a walking buddy.  One of the reasons I like TOPS so much is that everyone in there is in the same position as I am.  We are all struggling with our weight and our health.


Eleanor Roosevelt April 23, 2008

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It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.


Sleep April 21, 2008

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Rob had trouble sleeping again last night.   I let him sleep until ten so he had five hours sleep.  This is the third time this school year.   Since I have troubled sleep I totally understand the problem.  I just wish I had the solution for him.  At least his only happens 5 or 6 times a year.