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Try These Mistreatments August 30, 2008

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For the studio and the dining room perhaps buy 2 separate 3/4 yards fabric, some upholstery tacks and a coordinating spool of ribbon and give this a try.

This will be perfect for Rob’s room.  I just have to scout out the ribbon as I’ve already got the curtains up but they are boring.


It’s A Wonderful Day August 27, 2008

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 Clouds in a Blue SkyClouds in a Blue Sky (Please leave a comment or vote for this photo.)	  Nature / Skies and CloudsNemoNo description	  Nature / Animals / Fish

 My son is 10 years old today.  The time has zipped by so fast and he has been such a joy.  He is into Legos, cars, and fish this year.  We will have a family meal, open gifts and then Greg and Rob are off to pet stores.  We let him open his two birthday cards from a friend and his grandma which both included a monetary gift.  He was thrilled.  He took donuts for his friends at school.

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A meme I’ve seen around

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Nobody tagged me, but I’m doing it anyway 🙂

I saw this meme a long time ago .  Today it’s time to pull it out of the drafts folder!

1. What were you doing 10 years ago?

Ten years ago I was awaiting the arrival of my bonus baby.  He arrived 3 days before my birthday (I did not want to be 40 and pregnant).  I love him to pieces but it took me two years to accept that I had a baby in diapers and a son in high school.

2. What are 5 things on my to-do list for today:

  • prepare for and hold TOPS meeting
  • return library book
  • mop the floors downstairs
  • walk on treadmill
  • do a couple loads of laundry

3. Snacks I enjoy:

  • popcorn
  • all bran crackers and cheese
  • almonds
  • apple slices
  • carrots with ranch dip

4. Things I would do if I were a billionare:

  • establish a foundation to help fund worthy charities performing services throughout the world
  • travel
  • tell my DH he could stop working if he wanted and buy him a Harley or two
  • make my sister’s home handicapped ready
  • landscape my sister’s yard so it is beautiful but mostly maintenance free
  • go to Mass daily and thank the Lord for my good fortune

5. Places I have lived:

  • Kansas

And who am I tagging?

Well, if you want to do this meme, please do! Then come back here and tell me. 🙂


Healthy You Report August 26, 2008

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I have released another pound I am delighted to report.  I have doing some form of exercise six days per week.  I have been planning my meals in advance and while I haven’t completely given up chocolate my intake is down.  I am very pleased with all of this and know that it is in large part because I found this accountability site and have been enjoying being motivated by all of the bloggers who have down it or are still in the process of doing it. 

Another thing I have noticed lately is that instead of saying I think I will do this or that or I hope to get to do this or that I have changed it to I BELIEVE I will. . .it is amazing what the change of one word can do for a person.  I believe that I will release all the weight I am meant to release and I believe I will continue to eat well and exercise regularly.  Believing these things makes me feel in control.  It feels awfully good to feel in control.

Healthy You has helped me, I believe it can help you too.


From Rob August 25, 2008

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“I think my spirits have just been lifted!”


A Great One About Our Men August 23, 2008

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“if daddy ain’t respected, the LORD ain’t respected.”


Fill In Friday August 22, 2008

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FRIDAY – AUGUST 22, 2008

Friday Fill-Ins #86


1. Dancing to the __early 70’s music while __in the kitchen__ makes me _think of The Big Chill_.

2. The last time I talked to my mom I nearly cried.

3. When I drive I daydream.

4. I saw Cassidy standing with Jeff and my heart dropped to my stomach.

5. Give me __peace_, give me ___love, give me __jewelry.

6. Next week I am looking forward to __my son’s 10th birthday.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to _going to bed  tomorrow my plans include _looking at a Harley with my husband and Sunday, I want my husband to buy me that sapphire ring!


Thoughts, Words, Deeds, Habits, Character August 20, 2008

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“Watch your thoughts. They become words. Watch your words. They become deeds. Watch your deeds. They become habits. Watch your habits. They become character. Character is everything.”

– Emerson


Purple Flowers

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I’m Down!!! In a Good Way August 19, 2008

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I weighed in today and I was 208.5 which means I am down 2.5.  I am so pleased.  I hope everyone else has had good weeks.  I am off to walk on the treadmill, run some errands and then spend some time visiting everyone online.