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I’ve Been Away January 28, 2010

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I’ve been so busy with LIFE that I had stepped away from my blog and reading blogs in general.  I’ve just recently started reading favorites again which, of course, leads to finding new favorites and I am loving it although it does eat into my time for personal Bible study, personal prayer, housework, and crafting.  I feel, however, that I am being enriched in so many ways by “meeting” such cool people via their blogs.  Something I would, in no way, have time for IRL. 

So, I’ve been subscribing to blogs via Google Reader – please everyone get this subscription tool!  I’ve also used the Press This feature to link to posts that have impacted me in one way or the other.  Right now, they look pretty bland and I’ll have to figure out some way to liven them up, however things are being placed in one place which is one of the main purposes for my blog.

Anyway, this works for me right now and I am thrilled to be back.


Heart to Heart International January 22, 2010

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Heart to Heart International  shows you how you can help when disaster strikes or when someone just needs a hand to get up.  If you have a heart for children this is a place you can turn to help you help someone else.


Ideas I Found From WWFM September 9, 2009

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A possible idea for Aunt Kathleen

The whole darn website, holy cow!

Getting up early this blogger is Catholic and regnum christi.  I need to read more on her blog.

A fun, happy video


What One Person Can Do

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A Texas blogger name Katy who blogs at freedombites has come up with this idea.  I received it in an e-mail today.  It is not too late to express your opinion to your representatives, etc.  about anything.  Whether you agree with the conservative viewpoint or not, you probably have an opinion about they way government is run.  This includes local, state and federal.  Consider doing what Katy suggests.  This is what works for me.  Katy has some interesting and education information on her website so stick around and read it.

“I believe that the majority of Americans are good, hard-working people. For too long we’ve been silent because we were going about our business raising our families and making the country work. Now everything that we’ve worked for all our lives as well as our inalienable rights guaranteed by God and inscribed in the Constitution are being stolen from us by the current Administration and Congress. It’s time to DO something!

We are NOT an angry mob! We are NOT un-American! We just want the government to follow the U.S. Constitution. In our own way way we are doing what the Patriots in 1776 did, fighting to stop a tyrannical Government. I do NOT want anyone to be violent or ugly or disrespectful. What I AM asking is that you do a very simple, easy act that will have a great impact.

Each of you buy six postcards and six postcard stamps (which are 28 cents). Send one to your U.S. Representative and to your two U.S. Senators. If you don’t know their addresses (ours are printed in the daily paper) you can find them at: for your Congressman

and for Senators

Even if your Representative and Senators do not support Obama’s plans for our future, (ours don’t, thankfully) they need to know that we are behind them to give them courage to stand up to the loud hateful voices that the Axis of Tyranny getting ready to unleash.

Also write Obama,Pelosi, and Reid. That uses up the six postcards. 

Their addresses are below:

President Barack Obama
1600 Pennsylvania Ave
Washington DC 20500

Speaker Nancy Pelosi
235 Cannon House Office Building
Washington DC 20515

Senator Harry Reid
522 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington DC 20510

Keep it short and simple (a requirement on a post card) but don’t delay! They will soon be back in session after Labor Day, so mail it between August 31 and September 4 so you can FLOOD THEIR OFFICES with a Tsunami of mail!  Snail mail makes a huge impact on elected officials, but letters take too long since the anthrax scare in 2001. They go through a quarantine of several weeks.  Postcards are faster and cheaper to mail, too!

God Bless America

Katy Jones
Kerrville, Texas”


What Works For Me April 14, 2009

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 Certainly not the television schedule.  I like to watch certain shows, but on my time which is almost always not the time the show is actually on.  WWFM is the DVR we rent with our SureWest cable/internet system.  DH works long hours and we look forward to sitting down at some point in the evening to watch one show that we can fast forward through so it doesn’t even take an hour!  Click here to see other what works for me entries.


My Favorite WWFM Posts April 8, 2009

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from other bloggers are linked here.

When someone you love is in the hospital try this

Reusing jars, which I do but I never thought of  this

TV Guardian hadn’t heard of it check it out here

Science for kids here

What is normal for a kid here

Ideas for science studies here

Inexpensive cake holder here


Organizing Tee Shirts April 6, 2009

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This is a very clever way to keep order to t-shirts in your drawers.  The link is a photo looking down into the drawer.  The blue thing in the front are metal bookends painted blue.  When you want to get a t-shirt out, loosen the bookend a bit, then slide it back in tighter.  When you want to put more in, loosen it some and add your shirts.  I am going to try this in my son’s drawer.  Check it out here.
I just tried this in my drawer with some of my tank tops and I didn’t need a metal bookend.  Will try this with my son’s stuff before I go search for a bookend.
Update, did this in my son’s drawer and didn’t need a bookend.  I believe this is working for me!  I love it because you can go right to the shirt you want rather than rifling through the stack to find the one you want.

I Found the Most Clever WWFM Post March 26, 2009

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about blog carnivals here I feel sure I can find some to participate in.  I just love reading them on blogs as I roam the internet.


A WWFM Great Find March 13, 2009

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What Works For Me July 27, 2008

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I’ve been reading Rocks in My Dryer for several months and finally have decided to enter that world myself. 

The tip:  I have spent years buying plastic storage containers and then replacing them because they got stained, I lost the lid, the lid melted in the dishwasher, it cracked, it started peeling and so on.   When I started recycling, thanks to the encouragement of my youngest son, I began to think about what else I could use; and then it hit me.  I buy glass jars of pasta sauce, salsa, mayo, jelly etc.  Why couldn’t I reuse those?  No reason whatsoever!  I washed them, peeled off the label and inside go whatever leftover I have.  The clear glass makes it very visible and I’ve noticed that we are using them up better than before.  Perhaps because we can SEE inside them.

So there you go, two frugal tips in one:  1. stop buying plastic, use the glass jars you already own and   2. use up your leftovers rather than tossing them out after you forgot what was in there.  This works for me.