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Okay, Last Year I Chose JOY January 22, 2010

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I mean as my word, that and Joyfully, as in how I sign off in a note or e-mail.  One day, I decided I liked it.  I had a church friend who signed off Joyfully in an e-mail.  I liked it and started doing that myself.  Over several months, I realized that I was choosing JOY as a way to feel, a way to act, and as something to achieve.  

Now, I find that one word resolutions, etc are really becoming the thing.  When I find any other information about Joy, I will add it here.  For now, see what one blogger wrote about her Joy.

Faith & Family Live! : Rejoice Always.

I spoke with a friend about this topic – she knew my word was JOY. She came across an article about the idea of choosing a word. The article she read said that a way to use your word further was to find Bible verses that deal with your word. I am sure this would have occurred to me at some point, but I’m so glad she mentioned it!


Another Bedroom . . .Love It! August 28, 2009

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 This  is a Lynn Morgan design on that I found via this blog  I think what I like about it is the color of the blue and the white coverlet spread against the bedskirt.  I also enjoy the matching


What a Way to Walk Down the Aisle July 24, 2009

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Received this is an e-mail, I don’t know the people involved nor did the person whom I got this from but I want to view this whenever I need a happy heart.  Might be a bit irreverant for some but I say, loosen up a bit.


Do I Wish I Hadn’t Sold July 7, 2009

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my something similar?  Never thought about painting it or staining it darker.  I will add this to my looking for at garage sale list!

Neiman Marcus Blue Crewel Chair 

neiman marcus crewel chair


Check This Out – Gorgeous

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While perusing blogland several months ago, I came across this site, A Catholic Mother in Minnesota and while there today, I noticed her header for the first time (perhaps because I always read it in a reader format or perhaps because God wants to go to adoration) whatever the reason,  just look at this monstrance! and a great site as well. .

A Catholic Mom in Minnesota


This is a Pretty Blue May 2, 2009

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From High Desert Home – I’ve never seen this blue in this amount of stuff.  I got a creamer in this shade but that is it.  Keeping my eye open though.


I Love This, I Could Do This April 30, 2009

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 From Kimba at A Soft Place to Land





And  I did it! It looks great.  Just picture it on my door which is brown and my hanger is brass.  I’ll be so glad when I learn how to post my own photos.  Thanks for the idea Kimba.


Love This Poem April 26, 2009

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Reading in Bed
Helen H. Moore

Oh, what could be better
Than reading in bed,
Or thinking about
All the books that you’ve read?

With someone who loves you,
A father, a mother,
A doll, or a pet,
Or a sister or brother,

A grandma, a grandpa,
An uncle, an aunt –
(Can you think of anything better?
I can’t!)

While outside the sky
Is all twinkling with light,
From stars that shine down
As we sleep through the night.

Oh, what could be better
Than sleeping in bed,
When the books that you love
Fill the dreams in your head?


Really Pretty April 13, 2009

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All About Blue! April 4, 2009

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It’s Blue Monday! I stumbled upon Smiling Sally who hosts a weekly event called Blue Monday.  I love Blue so I decided this is for me.

Blue Skies, love them  When I'm sleeping, I slow down my breathing...Living in dreams, dreams that come true...thinking of the color blue... ZZZzzzzzz... by neloqua

I love them in the mountains, in the winter, in the summer, whether they are royal blue, or sky blue.  I just love blue.  How about you?