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Okay, Last Year I Chose JOY January 22, 2010

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I mean as my word, that and Joyfully, as in how I sign off in a note or e-mail.  One day, I decided I liked it.  I had a church friend who signed off Joyfully in an e-mail.  I liked it and started doing that myself.  Over several months, I realized that I was choosing JOY as a way to feel, a way to act, and as something to achieve.  

Now, I find that one word resolutions, etc are really becoming the thing.  When I find any other information about Joy, I will add it here.  For now, see what one blogger wrote about her Joy.

Faith & Family Live! : Rejoice Always.

I spoke with a friend about this topic – she knew my word was JOY. She came across an article about the idea of choosing a word. The article she read said that a way to use your word further was to find Bible verses that deal with your word. I am sure this would have occurred to me at some point, but I’m so glad she mentioned it!


Another Bedroom . . .Love It! August 28, 2009

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 This  is a Lynn Morgan design on that I found via this blog  I think what I like about it is the color of the blue and the white coverlet spread against the bedskirt.  I also enjoy the matching


What a Way to Walk Down the Aisle July 24, 2009

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Received this is an e-mail, I don’t know the people involved nor did the person whom I got this from but I want to view this whenever I need a happy heart.  Might be a bit irreverant for some but I say, loosen up a bit.


Do I Wish I Hadn’t Sold July 7, 2009

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my something similar?  Never thought about painting it or staining it darker.  I will add this to my looking for at garage sale list!

Neiman Marcus Blue Crewel Chair 

neiman marcus crewel chair


Check This Out – Gorgeous

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While perusing blogland several months ago, I came across this site, A Catholic Mother in Minnesota and while there today, I noticed her header for the first time (perhaps because I always read it in a reader format or perhaps because God wants to go to adoration) whatever the reason,  just look at this monstrance! and a great site as well. .

A Catholic Mom in Minnesota


This is a Pretty Blue May 2, 2009

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From High Desert Home – I’ve never seen this blue in this amount of stuff.  I got a creamer in this shade but that is it.  Keeping my eye open though.


I Love This, I Could Do This April 30, 2009

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 From Kimba at A Soft Place to Land





And  I did it! It looks great.  Just picture it on my door which is brown and my hanger is brass.  I’ll be so glad when I learn how to post my own photos.  Thanks for the idea Kimba.