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Mark Twain plus some July 27, 2008

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Found a great posting on this blog.  I don’t want to forget it.


A Profound Line July 10, 2008

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I realised that life is as delicate as a butterfly’s wings. It clings to us like a fine spider web that is gone in a breath of wind. Yet we treat it like it is permanent, like it is set in stone, that somehow it is our right to have it for as long as we demand. Truth is, it can be blown away with any breath of wind like a dandelion seed.


I found the above thought in this blog entry and just loved what it said; the honest, truthful simplicity of it struck me in a major way.



Negative Thinking May 9, 2008

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Affirmations To Counter Negative Thinking

1)  I am setting priorities and making time for what is important.

2) It is never too late to change.  I am improving one step at a time.


Courage May 2, 2008

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Courage is fear that has been prayed about.  (Anonymous)


Eleanor Roosevelt April 23, 2008

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It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.


from Father Mike Stubbs March 7, 2008

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God will listen to our prayers as long as we ask for justice.  God will vindicate the rights of the weak and powerless in our world just as the dishonest judge does for the widow in the Gospel parable.

God doesn’t issue blank checks . . .there are limits. . .we should persevere in our petitions. . .we can be confident that God will hear our prayer.


More March 6, 2008

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Today I will bloom where I am planted

Inner righteousness is a gift from God to be graiously received.  The needed change within us is God’s work, not ours.

We choose, God changes.

I look at him and he looks at me (Cure of Ars)

When teaching our children how to behave ask, “Is it possible? then ask Is it appropriate?”

When discipline our children say “If this . . .then that”

Building a satisfying and meaninful life is one of the most important things we can do.

There is a quiet power in realizing that depending on others gives one strength.  (Mary Jane Flaser )


Weight Loss

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If you permantly remove a pound, be proud.


Father Ron

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Honesty without sensitivity is brutality.


Food for thought September 3, 2007

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Never trade what you want at the moment for what you want the most.

 Don’t just react to the next thing that gets your attention.

Schedule your priorities every single day.

If you are not taking care of your health, eating well, keeping the house clean, being creative etc., then recognize that it is not high enough on your priority list.

Choose action over inaction.