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Smoothie Cubes : Cooking During Stolen Moments January 24, 2010

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I’m thinking we’d be more inclined to eat a bit healthier if these treats were waiting for us in the freezer.

Smoothie Cubes : Cooking During Stolen Moments.


This is the Yellow in My Kitchen March 17, 2009

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This just isn’t my kitchen but I do use forsythia to decorate with! 


I Have a White Kitchen but. . . March 14, 2009

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I really like this black one 



Some Easy Desserts March 13, 2009

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A Ramble September 17, 2008

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The last two weeks I have been on auto pilot just getting the things that need to be done that day done with not much thought going into the day which has turned into weeks.  Part of this is because I have been down with a cold and the other part is that it has been a particularly busy last two weeks.  I usually don’t do well with busy as I am one who needs here down time; however I think I’ve basically handled everything okay.  I am, however, starting to feel the out of balanceness so I’ve got to stop reacting and start acting or the progress I’ve made thus far will fade to black.

The things I haven’t done that I must do and want to do are:  walking on the treadmill, going to at least one daily mass, begun a Bible Study, logged me food intake and spent more time with the Lord.  Other things that are looming are getting things to Goodwill, getting the studio in order, planting some mums out front, and continuing the kitchen reorganization.

I’ve got a tennis lesson coming up in less than an hour, while out today I’m going to the Half Price Bookstore to look for our book club books, to WalMart for some inexpensive mums and to Michaels to buy either the Scrapbook Trends book, the crocheting book or the cookbook (if I can use my coupon).

When I get home, I need to keep laundry moving, empty the dishwasher, load the van up with Goodwill stuff and make our bed.

That is the current plan.  More later.


I Like The Looks of This August 6, 2008

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Green kitchekitchen


This Looks Like Our Floor August 1, 2008

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Kitchen by nbklx17 / Sandy.

Our kitchen floor is a dark laminate like this.  We are trying to figure out what to do for the countertop color.  We were thinking dark perhaps like this.


Wonder If DH Would Consider This For Our Pantry

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I found this photo while browsing through white kitchens.  I am wanting to move my small appliances to the pantry and this photo made me wonder if we took off the door and put them in there how would it look.  I have always hated our pantry.  It is too deep, too dark and doesn’t have pull out shelves to make it more convenient.  This is a thought.


Ideas For Our Home

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Every now and then my mind gets flooded with ideas of things to do in and around the house.  I often times forget them so I am going to post some that have hit me lately so I won’t forget them.

  1. Gather all of my various plates etc. together.  Donate the ones I no longer want.  Add pieces to the ones I currently have that are missing pieces.  Rotate one set every few months rather than having several mismatched sets all muddled together.
  2. Whittle down our glasses and mugs to accomplish the same thing as above.
  3. Prepare a mixture of bleach water to use in the kitchen and bathroom.  Keep it in a clearly marked container.  Use on all the white surfaces, appliances, woodwork as well as the countertops.
  4. Buy three now cutting boards – one for fruit, one for meat and one for vegetables.
  5. Get the Kitchen Aid, the rice maker, the blender, the new toaster, the handmixes, the coffeemaker, the crockpot, the George Foreman and the food processor all together in one spot – the pantry.
  6. Move the boxed and jarred food products to the area cleared out by moving all the different dishes and cups.
  7. See if Greg will move the kitchen radio system to the computer area.
  8. Put the white cookware and the cornflower blue corning cookware where the crockpot and the George Foreman are now.
  9. Find the rice maker instructions.
  10. Use the narrow cabinet for the cutting boards and the bleach water mixture.  Store paper towels in there also.
  11. In the family room, recover the seats of the white chairs.
  12. Clean the white chairs with bleach water.
  13. Repaint them if needed
  14. Sand the white table and repaint it.
  15. Figure out a color to paint the large table and the bookshelf on it in my studio and then paint it
  16. See if Greg will remove the moulding on top of the above bookshelf so it is flat like the other bookshelves.  I have no color ideas because the other shelves are a laminate yellowy (is that a word?) oak wood with a hint of red.
  17. Move the small chest against the side wall. 
  18. Find a bookshelf to sit on top of the small chest for more books.
  19. Stop buying books – listen to them on tape while on the treadmill.  That way I read (which I love) and walk (which I need to do).
  20. Buy larger curtain rods to hand in master bedroom.  Add a strip of fabric to the bottom of the current curtains (which are sheets) perhaps in the tan color. 
  21. Paint the bedroom walls the same color as the family room.
  22. Change out the glass globes in the master bathroom to the white ones from Lowes.