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I’ve Been Away January 28, 2010

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I’ve been so busy with LIFE that I had stepped away from my blog and reading blogs in general.  I’ve just recently started reading favorites again which, of course, leads to finding new favorites and I am loving it although it does eat into my time for personal Bible study, personal prayer, housework, and crafting.  I feel, however, that I am being enriched in so many ways by “meeting” such cool people via their blogs.  Something I would, in no way, have time for IRL. 

So, I’ve been subscribing to blogs via Google Reader – please everyone get this subscription tool!  I’ve also used the Press This feature to link to posts that have impacted me in one way or the other.  Right now, they look pretty bland and I’ll have to figure out some way to liven them up, however things are being placed in one place which is one of the main purposes for my blog.

Anyway, this works for me right now and I am thrilled to be back.


A Really Great Post on Attitude July 31, 2008

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There is a book recommendation in there that I need to go look at.  Loved the post.  More on it later but I’m going to bed now.

I just re-read the post.  The author suggest thinking about the positive parts of yourself and making a list of them so before I get DS off to bed :

  1. I am kind
  2. I am loving
  3. I am helpful
  4. I get to be 50 soon and am looking forward to it
  5. I am a good friend
  6. I am a good daughter
  7. I am a good wife
  8. I am a good mother
  9. I am intelligent
  10. I am curious
  11. I can be counted on

That is what I can think of.  I am a pretty decent person.  I need to remember that.  More later.