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Jewelry April 18, 2009

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I just got back from a homeshow jewelry party.  I’ve been to these before with a different seller.  I really enjoyed myself, loved the way she put things together, was able to find a pair or earrings for my mom and a necklace for me.  I wear alot of blue and it is a copper color which I thought looked good together.  It also wasn’t too long and wasn’t too short but hit just right on my neckline which is a plus.  I am so busty that if a necklace is too long the focus is in the wrong place.  Because I am so heavy, often times necklaces are too short around my chubby neck.  All in all a happy, fun day thus far.

Going to a pet store in a bit with DH and DS to look at fish tank for the gourami.  Hate to buy one but if it is perfect, we will.


Love The Fruit Holder August 1, 2008

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Kitchen Table by nbklx17 / Sandy.


My Birthday – 50 July 22, 2008

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New cell phone that is also a PDA

A DVR with VCR


More March 6, 2008

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Beautitudes Display like Sharons if possible

More blue stuff for kitchen

Bench for kitchen entry

Whale latchhook from Michaels

Queen size Pump Up Bed

Wool Blanket


For Me

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Monopoly – National Parks edition

Borders gift certificate

1/2 Price Bookstore gift certificate

Ulta Gift Certificate


Things I Want September 3, 2007

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Enamel pots and pans with non stick interiors

Sparkly light fixtures in closet and kitchne

Freestanding vanity and makeup area

Refrigerator – bottom portion freezer with water in door

Leather chair in family room

Reupholster sofa in leather or get slipcover

Put pot lights in family room, Rob’s room, game room


Caleca Dinnerware – pink garland pattern 157

                                     frutta pattern 348

                                     esperro pattern 166

Polish Plates – Bunzlaur Stoneware or Zaklady Boleslaiec Cermiczne – Sunburst


Want to read these

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The Boelyn Inheritance by P. Gregory

The Six Wives of Henry VIII by D. Starkey

Ruined by Reading:  A Life in Books by L. Schwartz

How Reading Changed My Life by A. Quindlens

So Many Books So Little Time by S. Nelson

Reading Life and Books for the Ages by S. Birkerts


Matt and Susan August 23, 2007

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Matt and Susan both loved the pillows at Thousand Oaks.  We checked the tag and they were DuPont Duralite Extra Plump.


The List August 22, 2007

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  1. Refrigerator
  2. Wood stairtreads and hallway
  3. Built ins for game room
  4. New gameroom flooring
  5. Motorcycle for hubby
  6. Vacation for family
  7. Jewelry for me
  8. Bedroom Furniture
  9. New Mattress
  10. Vanity
  11. Medicine Cabinet and Mirrors
  12. Bathtub
  13. Tummy Tuck
  14. Breast Lift
  15. Club chairs for family room
  16. Granite counter-tops
  17. Replace tabletop on iron table
  18. Get my hair colored
  19. Bookshelves
  20. Books

What Rob wants August 21, 2007

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Shortly before his birthday and then again before Christmas, Rob and I go out to a few different stores and he gives me ideas of what he wants.   I used to love to do this but when I was young, I did it through the Christmas Wish Book.  I don’t remember my parents ever asking me what I wanted and I think I only did this because it was fun but I knew that when I had kids that wishing was a way to get excited about what might come so I did it with Matt and now with Rob.

  1.  Playstation 2 – StarWars Battlefront $19.99 – need to check rating
  2. PC Windows Game Zoo Tycoon 2 – $19.99
  3. Hot Wheels Dodge Ram 1500 – 2007 Model
  4. Hot Wheels Blast Lane – 2007 All Stars
  5. John Deere Big Equipment Grand Equipment
  6. All Stars Maistro Elite Gransport
  7. Corvette S-1 R/C (Sport One – Yellow)
  8. Lego # 7659,  # 7661, #7662 (Star Wars)
  9. Lego Racers #8134 Night Crusher