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Glenn Beck September 30, 2009

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I have been listening to Glenn Beck recently and have learned soooo much.  I have picked up books and learned things about history I didn’t know and those books have led to other books and so on.  Through this, I realized that if I want our son to really know history, it will be up to me.

Today I was listening to the show and a mom called in and spoke about some of the same things I was feeling.  She has started as website called which is a place where likeminded moms can connect with each other.  Love it.  I tried to log on but I think so many were trying that the site got overloaded.  I will try again later.  Since this is the place where I collect info, I’ve included it here.


Authentic Feminism and She Shall Be Called Woman

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I am participating in two women’s studies at my church this year.  Very excited about both. 

As I was reading through blogs that I follow, I came across this website that looks great.  I’d encourage you to check it out, particularly if you have daughters or granddaughters.


Woodrow Wilson September 19, 2009

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Seven Quick Takes September 10, 2009

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1.  I am 51 years old and my youngest son is 11.  We both went to our first political rally on Saturday.  It was held at Theis Park in KCMO.  We couldn’t get there until it was almost over, but we had a great time and met some good people.  I’m excited at the candidate running against Dennis Moore.  Her name is Patricia Lightner.  I’ve also been contacted by the Kansas City Tea Party reference a conference call for tomorrow night.

2.  My husband and I pushed back at our school and school district reference the curriculum the Department of Education wanted the school to use surrounding the president’s speech.  We were polite and respectful but I am sure the school feels like we are so close to the right edge we will fall off.  Oh well.

The school district ended up saying show the video (fine) don’t do the curriculum (fantastic).  I showed up at school to watch the video with my son and it was so soooo “chilly” in the normally “warm” school.  Oh well.

3.  I had a Premier Jewelry party a week or so ago and got my jewelry  on Wednesday.  So totally cool.  If you haven’t had one before, go for it.  The hostess plan is great and the jewlery is really pretty.

4.  My sister’s MS episode continues to drag on.   What a cruel disease; what a brave sister.  I learned yesterday that she is going to start the process to get on disability.   She so didn’t want to have to do this yet.  Her goal was to make it 20 years at her job but it looks like 19 is it. 

5.  Chili’s Restaurant is having a month long promotion for St. Jude’s Childrens Hospital.  On September 28th, the entire corporation is donating their profits to the hospital.  At some restaurants, the wait staff is donating their tips that day.  I’d encourage everyone to visit Chili’s this month, color a pepper and donate some money to St. Jude’s – they print you a receipt right there at the restaurant!   If you can make it to the restaurant on the 28th, consider doing it.

6.  I got an e-mail from a Catholic friend and leader of our rosary group reference a postcard campaign blogger Katy at freedombites has suggested.  I think it is a great idea and am passing it on for you to do with as you like.

7.  Today is September 11th, eight years later.  God bless America, God bless the souls on board and God bless their families.

For more quick takes visit Jen at Conversion Diary


What One Person Can Do September 9, 2009

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A Texas blogger name Katy who blogs at freedombites has come up with this idea.  I received it in an e-mail today.  It is not too late to express your opinion to your representatives, etc.  about anything.  Whether you agree with the conservative viewpoint or not, you probably have an opinion about they way government is run.  This includes local, state and federal.  Consider doing what Katy suggests.  This is what works for me.  Katy has some interesting and education information on her website so stick around and read it.

“I believe that the majority of Americans are good, hard-working people. For too long we’ve been silent because we were going about our business raising our families and making the country work. Now everything that we’ve worked for all our lives as well as our inalienable rights guaranteed by God and inscribed in the Constitution are being stolen from us by the current Administration and Congress. It’s time to DO something!

We are NOT an angry mob! We are NOT un-American! We just want the government to follow the U.S. Constitution. In our own way way we are doing what the Patriots in 1776 did, fighting to stop a tyrannical Government. I do NOT want anyone to be violent or ugly or disrespectful. What I AM asking is that you do a very simple, easy act that will have a great impact.

Each of you buy six postcards and six postcard stamps (which are 28 cents). Send one to your U.S. Representative and to your two U.S. Senators. If you don’t know their addresses (ours are printed in the daily paper) you can find them at: for your Congressman

and for Senators

Even if your Representative and Senators do not support Obama’s plans for our future, (ours don’t, thankfully) they need to know that we are behind them to give them courage to stand up to the loud hateful voices that the Axis of Tyranny getting ready to unleash.

Also write Obama,Pelosi, and Reid. That uses up the six postcards. 

Their addresses are below:

President Barack Obama
1600 Pennsylvania Ave
Washington DC 20500

Speaker Nancy Pelosi
235 Cannon House Office Building
Washington DC 20515

Senator Harry Reid
522 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington DC 20510

Keep it short and simple (a requirement on a post card) but don’t delay! They will soon be back in session after Labor Day, so mail it between August 31 and September 4 so you can FLOOD THEIR OFFICES with a Tsunami of mail!  Snail mail makes a huge impact on elected officials, but letters take too long since the anthrax scare in 2001. They go through a quarantine of several weeks.  Postcards are faster and cheaper to mail, too!

God Bless America

Katy Jones
Kerrville, Texas”


A Collection of Political Articles September 7, 2009

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Whole Foods September 5, 2009

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I am shopping there on September 7th, our local BUYcott day.  Check out the link to the CEO’s Wall Street Journal op ed here.  He makes alot of sense to me.


With our Country in the Mess it is in May 20, 2009

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this quote from today’s reading at EWTN was the perfect thing for me to read as I begin my day.

God overthrows the thrones of those who are disobedient to His law. My political views are those of the Our Father.

St. Avitus of Vienna


Georgetown University and Obama April 23, 2009

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Here is a link to a great article by Elizabeth Foss.  Very well said.


If I Were To Homeschool My Son April 18, 2009

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My youngest has shown some apprehension about middle school, which is normal, I know.  I have apprehension about middle school too; having had three boys already go through it.  I did not enjoy the experience.  We live in a good school district so it is not the education; it is the social crap.  DS is a sweet, sensitive, shy boy.  He isn’t the most popular, doesn’t have a lot of friends, is intelligent, has ADHD, is afraid of flying insects, is wise, isn’t team sports inclined and I just love him to pieces.  Part of me thinks that life is hard enough, why put him through middle school.  Anyway, I have looked at homeschooling before in a general way as I find the whole thing fascinating.  This year, however, I am going to investigate it further.  I plan to attend our areas Catholic Homeschool Conference in June.  In looking at different methods of educating a person I believe that I prefer the unit study method.  I plan to start accumulating that type of information in the event we decide to go that route. 

There.  I made is public.