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As One Who Suffers From Low Back Pain February 1, 2010

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I found this article and thought I would link to it here.  I am currently undergoing some therapy for my back and neck pain and will add the movements I’ve been given to do here at a later date.

Natural Pain Relief for Back Pain on Yahoo! Health.


bobbypinsboardwalk: Google Reader January 31, 2010

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bobbypinsboardwalk: Google Reader.


Check this Article on Physics Out January 30, 2010

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and this


Stampin Up and Copic

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two of my new favorite things.  I’ve been looking for examples of this stamp image and Barbara Anders has one.   Go check it out.  She has the  copic markers she used listed and other photos of her card.

Gorgeous January 28, 2010

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Love the bedroom, love the paint job, love the wall of drapes.

bobbypinsboardwalk: A few more kinks to work out.. Puzzled….


Testing this option January 24, 2010

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Not a clue what this will do. How exciting! 

Well my, my, my!

This is SO funny and SO me, I can’t remember what it was I was testing.  Life interrupted shortly after I did this and I have forgotten.  I’m leaving this entry up to show just what a dork I am.


No Time To Stamp? » Valentine Accordion Card January 23, 2010

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Cute, cute, cute card and a great tutorial that you could use for any number of things.  You get to see use of a couple products that you may be considering getting.


Go check it out here No Time To Stamp? » Valentine Accordion Card.