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Glenn Beck September 30, 2009

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I have been listening to Glenn Beck recently and have learned soooo much.  I have picked up books and learned things about history I didn’t know and those books have led to other books and so on.  Through this, I realized that if I want our son to really know history, it will be up to me.

Today I was listening to the show and a mom called in and spoke about some of the same things I was feeling.  She has started as website called which is a place where likeminded moms can connect with each other.  Love it.  I tried to log on but I think so many were trying that the site got overloaded.  I will try again later.  Since this is the place where I collect info, I’ve included it here.


Ramblings June 26, 2009

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Life has been going fast and furious but I’ve handled things well for the most part, I believe. 

I had my colonoscopy – don’t ask.  Everything is fine although I do have a couple of questions for my doctor.  I go see her on the next month.  Questions for your are:

  • what is and ischemic event and what does it mean
  • will the diverticulosis pockets heal or are they there for good
  • how do you get the above
  • was it the prep solutions I used for the test that caused the period of very high blood pressure

That is what I can think of now.

I spent time with my aunt yesterday during an unexpected break from DS.  I had a wonderful time and am so glad I called her.  God told me too and it was the right thing.  God also told me to call Joyce after the meeting and I did and that was also the right thing.  She was real down when she first answered and was really up by the end

DS  is enjoying summer.  We have been very busy.  He has been continuing in tennis lessons and golf lessons.  His friend doesn’t want to continue which is too bad but we will on tennis for sure and probably the next set of golf lessons.  I feel that DS will then be prepared to play a bit with dad, Matt and Jim.  I hope playing on the course at Grand Court comes to fruition.  I need to pursue that with Terri, although she is so busy with her father right now.

We went to see UP! twice and Night at the Museum once.  Loved them both.  DS  saw previews for a lot of movies he wants to see.

DS played with Evan yesterday and now that I know they live so close, we will do that again.

We are going to sell the Datsun (1969 Roadster, 32,000 miles).  If it sells, that will go toward debt reduction.  I want to look at a Mustang for me with the thought that it would go to DS in five years.  DH wants to do a Acura TL, which would be nice but the money worries me.  I haven’t priced a Mustang though so I should do that before I do anything else.

Lots to do so I best go


This Smacked Me In The Head May 12, 2009

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I changed my home page to EWTN and this was the meditation after the scriptures.  I’ve not been pleased with all of my behaviors of late so this was good for me to read and reflect on.

“Let us meditate today on the condition of our soul. Are we making a sincere effort to rectify our intentions, to sanctify our daily responsibilities? There are things we fail to remember, not because we have short memories but because we are short of love. The person in love does not forget!”

— St Teresa of Avila


A New Tool For Education May 3, 2009

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I saw this article on YAHOO and thought I’d have my son view someof the over the summer.  I followed the link to YouTube where I found this site which I think will be very useful over the summer and will help and entertain my son.


Great Learning Ideas April 23, 2009

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  1. When multiplying 9’s; write 9 to 0 in the ones column and 0 through 9 in the 10’s column.
    This gives you the nines tables.
    0x9= 0
    1×9= 9
    2×9= 18
    3×9= 27
    4×9= 36
    5×9= 45
    6×9= 54
    7×9= 63
    8×9= 72
    9×9= 81
  2. How many feet are in a mile? 5 tomatoes
    ( 5 )five ( 2 )to ( 8 )mat (0)oes
  3. To remember where the states, California, Oregon and Washington are, it spells COW.
  4. Treble Line in reading music: Notes EGBDF
    Every Good Boy Does Fine. (Treble is people)
  5. Treble Space in reading music: FACE (Treble is people)
  6. Bass line in reading music: GBDFA
    Great Big Dogs Fight Animals (Bass is animals)
  7. Bass Space in reading music:
    All Cows Eat Grass (Bass is animals)
  1. The order of the planets.
    My = Mercury
    Very = Venus
    Educated = Earth
    Mother = Mars
    Just = Jupiter
    Showed = Saturn
    Us = Uranus
    Nine = Neptune
    Planets = Pluto
    (This is what I learned in school, now that Pluto is officially not a planet, I don’t have a new one.)
  2. When trying to remember the compass, always remember that it spells WE across. (West to East)
  3. He pat my liver, is good to remember that HEPAT is the Latin for liver.
  4. When dividing fractions don’t ask why but flip the last one and multiply.
  5. 4 quarts = 1 gallon like 4 quarters = $1.00
  6. Order of Division
    Driving = Divide
    My = Multiply
    Super = Subtract
    Cool = Compare
    Buggy = Bring Down
  7. < & > Less than and greater than
    > always eats the bigger number because he is hungrier.
    < always points the little number.
    (i.e. 3 < 7)
  1. The 11 Times Trick – We know the trick when multiplying by ten – add 0 to the end of the number, but 11’s are simple as well when multiplying by double digits.
    Take the original number and imagine a space between the two digits (in this example we will use 52:
    Now add the two numbers together and put them in the middle:
    That is it – you have the answer: 572.
    If the numbers in the middle add up to a 2 digit number, just insert the second number and add 1 to the first:
    1089 – It works every time.
  2. To get the first eight digits of pi, count the number of letters in each word of this phrase:
    May(3) I(1) have(4) a(1) large(5) container(9) of(2) coffee (6)?
  3. Divide a number by 3? Just add up all the digits until you have a single number. If THAT number is divisible by three, so is the original number. (I.e.  4545  . If you add 4+5+4+5 you get 18. Then add 1+8, which equals 9. Nine is divisible by three, so you know that 4545 is too.)
  4. Order of taxonomy in biology: 
    Kids Prefer Cheese Over Fried Green Spinach (Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species)
  5. Red sky at night, sailor’s delight;  (meaning pretty day)
    Red sky at morn, sailor’s be warned. (meaning storms)
  6. MISSISSIPPI – M,i, crooked letter, crooked letter, i, crooked letter, crooked letter, i, hump back, hump back, i.
  7. A song to learn the order of the presidents of the United States of America.




  • Cincinnati is a word
    Hard to spell but easy heard.
    It need not cause you irritation,
    Just drop the ON from CIN CIN NATION.
  • Massachusetts is tricky,” the teacher confesses,
    “Just remember to spell it with two tees and four s.”
  • Let’s put an end to all this confusion.
    We can’t tell the difference between Tuscan and Tucson.
    The best way to end typographical stress
    Is to remember to put the C before S.
  • ANTI­DIS­ESTABLISH­MENT­ARIAN­ISM is really not the longest word, do you know what is?
  • To know the difference between b and d, make a bed using b and d.  b-d.
  • HOMES on a Great Lake:
    H-Huron, O-Ontario, M-Michigan, E-Erie, S-Superior (I had forgotten this one but Mom2fur had given that suggestion to us.)  I love it!
  • Learning the 10 commandments:
  • H/T to ilovemy5kids


    If I Were To Homeschool My Son April 18, 2009

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    My youngest has shown some apprehension about middle school, which is normal, I know.  I have apprehension about middle school too; having had three boys already go through it.  I did not enjoy the experience.  We live in a good school district so it is not the education; it is the social crap.  DS is a sweet, sensitive, shy boy.  He isn’t the most popular, doesn’t have a lot of friends, is intelligent, has ADHD, is afraid of flying insects, is wise, isn’t team sports inclined and I just love him to pieces.  Part of me thinks that life is hard enough, why put him through middle school.  Anyway, I have looked at homeschooling before in a general way as I find the whole thing fascinating.  This year, however, I am going to investigate it further.  I plan to attend our areas Catholic Homeschool Conference in June.  In looking at different methods of educating a person I believe that I prefer the unit study method.  I plan to start accumulating that type of information in the event we decide to go that route. 

    There.  I made is public.



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    I just got back from a homeshow jewelry party.  I’ve been to these before with a different seller.  I really enjoyed myself, loved the way she put things together, was able to find a pair or earrings for my mom and a necklace for me.  I wear alot of blue and it is a copper color which I thought looked good together.  It also wasn’t too long and wasn’t too short but hit just right on my neckline which is a plus.  I am so busty that if a necklace is too long the focus is in the wrong place.  Because I am so heavy, often times necklaces are too short around my chubby neck.  All in all a happy, fun day thus far.

    Going to a pet store in a bit with DH and DS to look at fish tank for the gourami.  Hate to buy one but if it is perfect, we will.


    Seven Quick Takes April 16, 2009

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    Seven Quick Takes  is hosted here

    My quick takes for the week are:

    1.  Roasted veggies cut in bite size pieces are delicious – just ask my 10 year old.  He actually apologized for eating so many vegetables!

    2.  I didn’t get to go to a TEA party but I am glad they were held.  It is good to know there are others out there who are against taxing our children into poverty.

    3.  I love spring time.  Everything so fresh and green.

    4.  Playing BUNCO with a group of girlfriends is great fun.

    5.  Going to a jewelry party with a group of more girlfriends is great, great fun.

    6.  I am so glad we did not owe more taxes this year.  I don’t know what we would have done.

    7.  I watched my son practice tennis on Wednesday.  He got the opportunity to volley with an older boy who is really good.  There was such a peaceful rhythm to it and he was clearly enjoying the heck out of it.


    Teaching School of Religion April 14, 2009

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    Today was my second session teaching 4th graders in our churches School of Religion.  I enjoyed it.  The kids are really great, they take the subject seriously, aren’t afraid to answer questions out loud and I am so glad I got the opportunity to take over for their teacher this last month.  I would definitely consider doing it again.  I am sure my son would want me to be with his class and that would be fine by me.  The book our church uses can be found at


    Make Do Mondays April 13, 2009

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    My sister has MS.  One of the ways it really affects her is in her eyes.  My DH has always made sure that I wore very good sunglasses with proper sun ray protection.  The brand we  buy is Serengeti.

    When I visited my sister over spring break, it was a beautiful day and we did some touristy things in her area.  She was commenting how she likes to be in her bedroom because it is so dark and it relieves her eyes.  I realized that she didn’t wear good sunglasses, just inexpensive box store ones.  I had her try my glasses on and she was amazed at how much better they were than the old ones.  I told her we would buy her some when we could get her to a store that sold them. 

    In speaking with my husband about it, he reminded me that we had an extra pair that he had picked up for $28.00 plus tax at an outlet store in the Ozarks.  We had had them a couple of years and had not had the need to use them (we bought them in case we lost ours, or ours were damaged beyond repair).  Since we already had them, we made do and gave them to her.  No need for her to tire herself out traveling the three hours it would take for her to get to the store to make her choice and she has them now; not when she had the time and the energy it would take for her to get to us.