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Okay, Last Year I Chose JOY January 22, 2010

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I mean as my word, that and Joyfully, as in how I sign off in a note or e-mail.  One day, I decided I liked it.  I had a church friend who signed off Joyfully in an e-mail.  I liked it and started doing that myself.  Over several months, I realized that I was choosing JOY as a way to feel, a way to act, and as something to achieve.  

Now, I find that one word resolutions, etc are really becoming the thing.  When I find any other information about Joy, I will add it here.  For now, see what one blogger wrote about her Joy.

Faith & Family Live! : Rejoice Always.

I spoke with a friend about this topic – she knew my word was JOY. She came across an article about the idea of choosing a word. The article she read said that a way to use your word further was to find Bible verses that deal with your word. I am sure this would have occurred to me at some point, but I’m so glad she mentioned it!


Insulin Resistant May 14, 2009

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I found out a few weeks ago that I am definitely insulin resistant.  My doctor has scheduled me for a class in June to learn some about it.  I went to the bookstore and found a book by Cherye R. Hart, M.D. and Mary Kay Grossman, R.D. called The Insulin-Resistance Diet.  I have skimmed it once an have read about half of it.  I marked some pages that contained information that I felt was important for me to remember.  What follows is what that information is:

High insulin levels mean more body fat, while low insul levels mean less body fat.

People have different baseline levels of insulin because of individual genetice makeup.  The more overweight you are, the more resistant to insulin you tend to become. 

Information from page 7 of the book about Hypoglycemia explains to me that I have been tending to insulin resistance my whole life.  I used to feel this way way back when I was a thin teenager with a great figure.  That was before I started drinking Diet Coke/Pepsi/Rite but that is further down the line in this synopsis.

Factors that make Insulin Resistance worse include some high BP meds, synthetic progesterone only birth control pills and implants (I was on the pill or had Norplant for HOW MANY years?!) 

Glucosamine supplements which are recommended to help with arthritis can affect insulin resistance because it is a type of sugar. 

Caffeine, artificial sweetners and nicotine can increase insulin.  With the sweetners it “sends a confusing signal to the body” causing insulin levels to increase resulting in low blood sugar levels and hunger if not used with food (and I’m sure it means properly balanced food).


Cod Liver Oil? April 20, 2009

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This is supposed to be good for you.  I remember reading in books of old about taking cod liver oil.  I had no clue what it was or why they took it, but according to Nourishing Traditions, it is good for you.  I will investigate this.


What I Learned This Week April 8, 2009

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This blog party is not set for any designated day, just anytime during the week.

I learned that what I do and what I think affects how I perceive my day and week is going.  This week isn’t going as well as I wanted it to go but I don’t plan on letting it ruin my weekend.  I’m going to get a good nights sleep tonight which I know will make a big difference then in the morning, I’m going to shower, get dressed and come downstairs to my prayer and bible study table and use it for it’s intended purpose.  I am then going about my day preparing for Easter and on that day I will enjoy my time at church and then my time with my family.

What did you learn?


A Link to a Link to a Link April 3, 2009

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I enjoy reading several Catholic Mom blogs.  Jen at Conversion Diary has a weekly Friday event called 7 Quick Takes.  Today I wanted to link to some posts that made me think, made me want to do something, made me cry, made me outraged or inspired me.

The first quick take I read this post today.  I am currently processing what I want to say about it but I encourage you to go read it yourself.  You do not have to be Catholic to appreciate the information that is in it.  Right is right and wrong is wrong.  We all know it when we see it.  I’m going to go scream now.  To contact this congressman, click here.

The second post I’d like you to see is here.

The third quick take deals with Notre Dame issue.

The fourth quick take is from A Happy Catholic and the entry is on the show House.   I too enjoyed that episode and the internal dialouge.  I thought it was well done

I liked this fifth post because it had to do with a conversion and since I too am a convert I agree with her take on it.

This blogger’s entire lenten series has been a blessing to me each day.

And lastly, a missing priest.


An Explanation March 26, 2009

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You will find as you read my blog that I refer to alot of other blog entries.  I do this because my main reason in keeping this blog is so that I will have all of the information that I believe will help me be a better person all in one place.  I don’t believe in reinventing the wheel and if someone has already said it better than I could then I let them.  I generally don’t copy large quantities of someone elses work but rather link to them so I can get to the them and if someone happens along on my blog they can find that good info too.  To all those I have linked to I hope you don’t mind but I like the way you think.


Been Awhile November 10, 2008

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I have been so busy that I haven’t posted much lately.  I’ve been reading blogs when I get the chance as well as my e-mail but am so far behind on that. 

The election is over and while I am not at all happy about the results and about how apparently many of my fellow catholics voted, I want the United States to be a safe and successful place to live so I will pray for our president.


All in one place August 21, 2007

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I’ve been wanting to have one place where I can go to find all those bits of information, ideas and whatnot that I collect during a given day, week, month and so on.   I’ve never been able to settle on just where that place would be and the ones I’ve tried thus far have not worked.   It occurred to me that I could establish a blog and use the categories section as my filing cabinet!  Brilliant . .or so I hope.  This therefore is the beginning of that effort (and it is paperless to boot)!