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Leather Couch Research August 25, 2010

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So, I want a leather loveseat or couch.  If I am able to pull this off, this will be my fifth sofa purchase in 30 years.  It has taken me this long to realize that I should have saved my money for what I wanted rather than settling for something else just to get “the look” I wanted at the time.  I don’t know much about purchase a good sofa or about what is the best leather choice to make, etc.  I will place my research here.
1. Construction- 5/4″ thick solid oak or maple hardwood frame is the industry premium. All interior joints of the frame will be glued screwed and corner blocked. This is for extra reinforcement. The spring construction is very important and its gauge (meaning desity of metal) The bests spring construction is a coil spring like eight way hand tied or any other coil spring system. Note some coil springs have low wire gauge get what you pay for. No sag or sinous spring is also used and will do good as along as the gauge is good and frame is sturdy. Feel the frame and around for sturdness.
2. Leather quality. Alot of companies might use a cheaper leather or not a true leather. Top grain is the only way to go. Top grain needs to be at least on the seat, back and arms of the sofa. A company can use split leather on the side and back cause it will not be used, but it will wear evenly.
3. Why did your friends leather fade. Well did they take care of it? Was it a naturally characteristic of the leather? Remember you buy leather shoes and purses they too can fade.
4 Who is the manufacture and 1200 seems really affordable for a leather sofa. Remember a pair of leather boots can cost $300 dollars and a leather sofa has 10 times more stitching, padding and leather so 1200 is not very expensive. In life you get what you pay for in everything.
5 ask around the more expensive leathers sometimes might not work for you cause they are usually higher maintence.

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