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Lost, Final Season, Episode 2 (or 3 depending) February 9, 2010

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A bit disappointed in this episode but that is how Lost flows sometimes.  Favorite line was Jack saying “I don’t even trust myself”.  Haven’t we all been there at one time or another. 

 Good to see Claire, except at the end – she turned into Rousseau!  Our family loved it when Kate was pulling stuff out of the diaper bag she stole from Claire and there was a killer whale.  DS, the younger’s whale like that is named “Whaley”, he was originally DS, the older so he’s practically an antique! and he’s been with DS, the younger every night for years.  We left him in a crummy motel (crummy only in that it was an old, old motel with none of the frills and buttons of new hotels but it had two beds and air conditioning so we stopped ) in New Mexico once.  We had driven probably five hours before we realized he was missing.  DS, the younger was so brave about it.  We called the motel when we got cell phone service again.  Had to leave a message on their machine.  We called again when we got home.  They had it and agreed to mail it to us.  Very, very nice.  When we got it back, they had even laundered it.  It was a lovely reunion.  If I remember the name of the motel, I’ll add it here, as they were good people.  Anyway, back to LOST, don’t remember if we had seen said whale before, but. . .black and white people, black and white.

Miles had a couple of funny lines, “. . .we’ll be in the food court” and something like “. . .and Hurley’s in charge now”.  It was also funny when he (Miles) was interviewing Sayid, “. . .did you see any white light. . . .”


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