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LOST, Final Season, Episode 1 February 4, 2010

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I’ve never participated in any Lost link up party in the past season, although I have read them.  I have been a faithful viewer of LOST since the very first episode captured me.  Never before have I been so engrossed in a storyline, set of characters nor have I spent any time discussing every episode with some other Lost fan. 

Since we know this is the final season, however, I wanted to keep my thoughts and ah ha’s in one place and that, of course, is here.

1.  I wondered if the show would start off with the characters departing in LA.  It seems to have.

2.  LaPetas (spelling unsure of right now) gave me my favorite line – from last season’s finale but whatever.  It was something to the effect of (when discussing what Faraday had said) LaPetas said

I don’t know, half of what he says is way over my head and the other half is WAY, WAY over my head. 


LOL,  long and hard.

3.  The Black Smoke Monster is The Man In Black.  Hmmmmm.  Good one.

4.  Sayid had to die, like John Locke had to die, so that Jacob had a loophole to get back in (whatever the heck is going on.)

5.  Color change – MIB (always in dark colors and is dark skinned, dark hair, dark eyes) now being played by John Locke who always wears like colors; Jacob (always wears like colors and is fair skinned with blue eyes) now being play by Sayid who always wears dark colors, is dark skinned with dark hair and dark eyes.   Hmmmmmm.  Interesting.

6.  Good to finally see Claire.

7.  Christian is obviously someone very important in this whole scheme of things since is body is missing from the plane that made it to LA.

8.  I never, in all the time Jack and John were on the island together ever thought, “I wonder if Jack could fix John so he could walk”.  Which, of course, you would if them met under different circumstances and, of course they did when filing for lost items (knives, I love it).   What did Jack do?  Gave John hope when he gave him his card.

9.  So THAT’s what was in the guitar case Hurley had.

That’s it for now.  More later.


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