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A Letter To A Friend and a Reminder For Me February 3, 2010

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Congratulations on your fantastic weight loss.  Whatever motivates us is what motivates us and clearly your love of family is what moves you.  When I was pregnant with our unexpected DS, I never ate better in my life because I was trying to take care of him as best I could. And since I was an older mom I wanted to do what I could to help him develop successfully.  Six weeks after I gave birth I was my driver’s license weight (135 lbs.).   That of course is NOT my driver’s license weight now unfortunately, as you well know.
You think I would have kept it off, but no, I let the stresses that were occurring in our family life (blending family, some mental illness and financial concerns since we were now down to one income), DS’s birth defect, surgeries and weekly doctor’s visits for the first year of life, overwhelmed and scared me, and my older son’s major education difficulties, constant string of bad luck (which continues to this day), chronic intestinal problems which(which continue to this day with no diagnosis) and broken noses, both of which required surgery,  drive me to emotional eating to relieve myself from all of the out of control problems going on around me.  DS was just a little over a year old when my little sister went blind and finally got her MS diagnosis which didn’t help either.
I tell you this, to encourage you to work on whatever issues have led you to overeat now, at the time you are so properly motivated so that you can be the healthy, thin grandmother you want to be when the baby is born and throughout his formative years. 
Looking back, if I could do it over again, I believe I would do the following things:
1.  I would continue eating the very same meal plan I used when I was pregnant.  I would not have changed a thing.  It kept my blood sugar at a constant rate which I know caused me not to crave the things I craved.  I no longer have that plan – thrown out because I knew how to do it and didn’t have to keep track of my food any longer.  I literally wrote every little thing that went into my mouth (can you say FOOD CHART!) and I ate three meals and 2 – 3 snacks each day.  I felt like I was eating all the time but I was eating the right stuff in the right proportion.
2.  I would have gone into counseling much earlier (I have a fabulous therapist – well former therapist – but she is fabulous) and worked on my issues before they got so bad.  I may not have been able to deal with all of them at that time but who knows, perhaps I would have or would have been better prepared to deal with the things that were yet to come.
3.  I would have relied heavily on reading my Bible, seeking out uplifting, biblical, spiritual books and would have prayed regularly and often.  God/Jesus wants to be our friend and good, deep friendship develops over a long period of time spent together.  I can’t expect to have an intimate, close relationship with someone if I don’t spend time with them and share myself with them.  Why would I think my relationship with the Lord would be any different? Duh.  For me, being able to personalize God as my loving parent and good friend help.  I know how much I love my children and want to spend time with them no matter what their age.  How must God feel about me?  Well, the same way, of course.



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