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UFO’s February 2, 2010

Filed under: Making Things,UFO's — alwayswithme @ 1:08 pm

I’ve never finished a quilt.  I have a lot of UFO’s.  I have a lot of fabric to make a variety of quilts that I have liked the looks of over the past few years.  I just finished listening to The Christmas Quilt by Jennifer Chevarini. 

It was good, and had several messages that I am sure God will have me ponder and make changes in my life when the time is right.  One of the things that I felt him say to me is not to let the imperfectness of what I have made stop me from making something of them as they are, or together.  I feel like I need to finish several of them as they are and then they will be my example of what I learned in making a particular block or set of blocks.  From there onward to new learning experiences.  So glad I listen sometimes when God talks to me.  We’d all do well to listen to that small voice whispering ideas to us.



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