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iEmbellish: Miraculous Possiblities January 30, 2010

Filed under: Making Cards,Stampin Up — alwayswithme @ 2:49 am

This blogger is a stamper.  In looking over her blog, at least two things stood out to me.  First is she decorates the insides of her cards as well as the outside of her cards.  The look really nice as seen in this photo of the Miraculous Possibilities post linked below.

iEmbellish: Miraculous Possiblities.

and this one

isn’t that just adorable?  Just like a purchased greeting card only better because it’s handmade.

and this one!

Secondly,  she too rounds corners of some of her cards.  The look is, what more polished, more professional or a bit more unique?

Jessica has a really nice blog with a lot of different cards, techniques and links to many other card making bloggers.  I suggest you wander over to her blog and spend some time.


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