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If You Like Agatha Christie You Might Like January 23, 2010

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or so I’m told on this website.

Anne Morice
Felicity Worthington Shaw
  Tessa Crichton, an actress and sleuth in England:  
  Death in the Grand Manor (1970)Murder in Married Life (1971)Death of a Gay Dog (1973)

Murder on French Leave (1973)

Death and the Dutiful Daughter (1974)

Death of a Heavenly Twin (1974)

Killing with Kindness (1975)

Nursery Tea and Poison (1975)

Death of a Wedding Guest (1976)

Murder in Mimicry (1977)

Scared to Death (1977)

Murder by Proxy (1978)

Murder in Outline (1979)

Death in the Round (1980)The Men in Her Death (1981)Hollow Vengeance (1982)

Sleep of Death (1982)

Murder Post-Dated1 (1983)

Getting Away with Murder?1 (1984)

Dead on Cue (1985)

Publish and Be Killed (1986)

Treble Exposure (1987)

Fatal Charm (1988)

Design for Dying (1988)


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