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How To Lose Weight January 12, 2010

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1 Smaller Portions

This is obvious you say. But can you do it?     Read how I actually accomplished that and realize that these methods can work for you.

2 NO Seconds

This really makes a difference.

3 Fruit

The food that can keep you on track. One in particular made a tremendous difference.

4 Cut Out All

Desserts and Snacks – (Almost)

Watch out for the first bite.

5 Exercise

This doesn’t have to be as hard to do as you think.

6 You Need to Be

Your Own Cheerleader

You will be surprised at the people who will try to undermine you.

7 Avoid Resentment

This is kind of the opposite of number 6.

8 Always Be Aware

of the Calories

There are some numbers out there that should scare you.

9 Don’t Let Bad Days Stop You

Tomorrow is a new day. Don’t give up—remember your goal.

10 Always Dieting

There is no end. If you aren’t watching your diet, you’re gaining weight.

From this ad for a weight loss book.


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