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Trying a New Medication June 2, 2009

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So the Strattera worked for me some but not spectacularly.  I am now trying Vyvanse and as warned, my blood pressure is going up.  I had gotten it to go down to a pre hypertension level with Vitamin D.  I had my colonoscopy on Friday and the stuff I took had gobs of sodium in it and my BP was way high.  I couldn’t be on Vitamin D for the four days before the procedure and then on Monday I started the Vyvanse.  My last reading was 160/90!!!  I am goin to go down and get on the bike to do some cardio and then retake it.  I feel sleepy even though I slept last night.

I took some notes on calcium citrate & magnesium and they are as follows:

Take one citracal one time @ bedtime.  I need 1200 mg a day.  Calcium citrate is supposed to make you sleepy.  I’ll take one in the a.m.  I will eat yogurt and drink milk to get calcium in that way. 

1 Citracel = 400 mg

Taking magnesium with calcium helps avoid constipation.  If I do get constipated I should take a stool softner.

Calcium with Vitamin D is a must for absorbtion.  Citracal has Vitamin D in it


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