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Add This to the List June 1, 2009

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I have been finding over the course of the past few years that I really enjoy reading biographies, historical fiction and books telling the stories of real people in real situations.  I am currently reading The ZooKeepers Wife which is a WWII Poland story that is fascinating.  Having read The River of Doubt by Candice Millard, the following entry is another blog caught my eye when I saw it involved Teddy Roosevelt.  So, add it to the list!  Here is what the blogger said about the book:


Have you read Theodore Roosevelt’s Letters to His Children? Because if you haven’t, I think you should stop what you’re doing, locate the book, and read it. It is charming, heart-warming, funny, and refreshing. And everyone should read The One Bad Thing About Father aloud to their children, a little book about the rollicking good times had by the Roosevelt children and their father in the White House (they played hard in that building, and all sorts of animals– including ponies– came in, too!). The narrative of this children’s book was derived largely, I believe, from Teddy Roosevelt’s letters to his children.

From High Desert Home


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