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Update on ADD May 3, 2009

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My strattera is no longer working.  I have found myself back with the swirling thoughts, been terribly forgetful, been agitated and caught in that I don’t know what to do now mode.  I have an appointment with my doctor in two weeks (I think).  In the meantime I am going to walk on my treadmill or ride the bike daily as well as do at least one exercise video from SparkPeople each day.  I will continue to take my Vitame D, which has helped my blood pressure as well as the calcium and the Omega 3 capsules.  I am going to research the info I found on If you crave chocolate you need magnesium (raw nuts, fruits and legumes) and if I crave sweets I need chromium (broccoli and grapes), carbon (fresh fruit) phosphorus (eggs and grain) sulfur (kale cabbage and cruciferous vegetables) tryptophan (raisins and sweet potatoes).

I am also going to get back to the Bible and to my relationship with God.  I am completely out of balance.


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