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Trish Recommends This April 19, 2009

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Serves 2

(We have this every day. We crave it. You need a juicer for this. I have a Breville– the cheapest. An ultra-high powered blender like a Vitamix might work, too, but don’t try it in a regular blender. This is supposed to be a clear, clean drink, though, so, personally, I’d only use a juicer. Oh, and all of the ingredients should be cold when you make this because it tastes better that way.)

1 head of romaine or other green lettuce
A big bunch of other greens– kale or spinach is what I use
2 fuji apples (or braeburn or, if needed, whatever non-sour apple you have)– unpeeled
1 juicy lemon, peeled
sometimes I put some Italian parsely in with the lettuce
sometimes I add half a cucumber (peeled)

Run everything through the juicer. Stir in some cold water (not too


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