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This Should Be My Attitude April 19, 2009

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At home I am free. I can set my own schedule. I can read. I can learn. I can grow. I can develop a skill. I can do what I want. I create an atmosphere and build an environment– one that is perfectly suited to my family. Home is a good base for acts of compassion and service. Neither my creativity nor my intelligence should be stifled by homemaking. On the contrary, I think being busy at home gives me a huge range of opportunities, possibilities, responsibilities, and joys, not the least of which is playing the largest role of anyone in my children’s lives. This job has eternal importance.   From High Desert Home

and this from the same place

Life at home should be lovely. It should be relatively peaceful. We should have time to stop what we’re doing, to listen, to look our loved ones in the eye, to smile and laugh, to care, to pay attention to one another. We should have time for spiritual contemplation and prayer even as we go about our business. Pray without ceasing. Blessedly, the unhurried daily routines and rituals of housework and living together as a family are perfect for this. They are a gift. Our hands are busy, our minds are free, our hearts are available.


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