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Need To Check These Articles Out April 19, 2009

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a link to the article here:Typing Alone by Mark Oppenheimer


 A bit about it. It’s called Typing Alone and was posted at National Review Online three years ago. The article is about a kind of self-education that requires “uninterrupted moments,” “free time,” “space to act with purpose (with narrow, deep focus),” “dead” or “empty time,” “narrowed involvements,” and more. It’s the kind of learning Mark Twain meant when he said not to let schooling interfere with your education. The article is written with college students in mind, but I think it says something important about learning at any age.
In A Spacious Place: All Literature is Dangerous

Here’s something else worth reading. It comes from one of my favorite blogs, In A Spacious Place:


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