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Make Do Mondays April 13, 2009

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My sister has MS.  One of the ways it really affects her is in her eyes.  My DH has always made sure that I wore very good sunglasses with proper sun ray protection.  The brand we  buy is Serengeti.

When I visited my sister over spring break, it was a beautiful day and we did some touristy things in her area.  She was commenting how she likes to be in her bedroom because it is so dark and it relieves her eyes.  I realized that she didn’t wear good sunglasses, just inexpensive box store ones.  I had her try my glasses on and she was amazed at how much better they were than the old ones.  I told her we would buy her some when we could get her to a store that sold them. 

In speaking with my husband about it, he reminded me that we had an extra pair that he had picked up for $28.00 plus tax at an outlet store in the Ozarks.  We had had them a couple of years and had not had the need to use them (we bought them in case we lost ours, or ours were damaged beyond repair).  Since we already had them, we made do and gave them to her.  No need for her to tire herself out traveling the three hours it would take for her to get to the store to make her choice and she has them now; not when she had the time and the energy it would take for her to get to us.


5 Responses to “Make Do Mondays”

  1. annkroeker Says:

    What a beautiful story! I love the generosity–and how you had them anyway. Thanks so much for participating!

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  3. runningamuck Says:

    First of all, great job picking up an extra pair at a great price when you had the chance. What a blessing that purchase turned out to be. =0)

  4. sjbraun Says:

    That’s really interesting (how much difference “good” sunglasses can make vs. cheapies … I think I need to invest in some good ones!). And that was so sweet of you to share with your sister! Another aside – I didn’t know MS could affect the eyes. I learned something …

  5. Esther Says:

    I’ve always made do with my cheep-o sunglasses….maybe I should keep my eyes open for one of those $28 sales 🙂

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