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13 Reasons to Talk to Your Parents April 2, 2009

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Talk About Tuesday Welcome to Talk About Tuesday!


My favorite aunt who is in her late 70’s had to have carotid artery surgery last year.  All went well with that but when she was recuperating in the hospital she was given way too much fluid via her IV and went into congestive heart failure.  After much intervention she was saved and spent several weeks in ICU and then was released.  She has not been the same since.  She was without oxygen for too long and her memory is not good.  She doesn’t remember if she has taken her diabetes medication so she over doses herself, she doesn’t remember if she has eaten and is very lonely.  Her daughters have decided to put her in assisted living (at the doctor’s recommendation).  I don’t like this idea because she wants to be home and I think if they contracted with Visiting Angels or some other nurse visiting place and got her some rehab therapy she would do much better; but that is just me.  Anyway, that made me think of all the things I don’t know about my parents wishes.  I know general stuff about the executor, the safe box, the church but there are so many things I don’t know; like

1.  Do they want to have Do Not Resuscitates?  I am almost certain my mom would but I don’t know about my dad.

2.  If they had to be placed in a nursing care facility, where would they want to go.  They live in a small town where there is just one facility.  Would they want to come to the city where I am?

3. What about downsizing the home if one or the other dies or has to go into long term care?

4.  Do they have long term care insurance?

5.  Who are all of their doctor’s.

6.  What are all of the medications they are one, pretty sure just blood pressure meds but not completely sure.

7.  Are they allergic to latex?

8.  Do they want their organ’s donated?

9.  Cremation or burial?

10.  If they have to go to a nursing care facility, what are the things they absolutely want to bring with them for the walls, etc.

11.  Is there anyone that they absolutely don’t want to be able to visit them?

12.  Is there any doctors or hospitals that they want to avoid.

13.  I’ll leave this one blank ____________, does anyone have any other suggestions for questions to ask in this situation.

For other interesting lists, head over here.


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