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Frugal Friday, the Easter Basket April 1, 2009

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Life as Mom hosts Frugal Fridays, you should check her out.  Lots of great ideas to stretch the ole budget. 

We have four boys, around age 8 they all came to realize that cash is always good.  In fact that phrase makes it onto every gift request list they made over the years! 

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 Instead of spending a lot of money on candy they don’t need and isn’t good for them or on trinkets they don’t need and are a waste of money, we fill our old plastic eggs that we got from a community Easter egg hunt years ago with coins.  For the amount of money we would spend on enough candy to make a nice hunt for the kids, we get a lot of nickels and load those free eggs up.  We are happy and the kids are happy. This has been an ongoing tradition for years.  In fact we are down to the last child at home and you can bet that he is counting on some Easter coins to put in his savings for a DSI from Nintendo.


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