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I Try Not to Do This Too Often March 31, 2009

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but I wanted to really remember these words about Kathleen Sebelius and receiving of the Eucharist.

That Archbishop Wuerl and Bishop Loverde would back up Bishop Naumann in regard to the future Secretary of Health and Human Services is a significant development in the effort of some bishops to enforce Canon 915: “Those upon whom the penalty of excommunication or interdict has been imposed or declared, and others who obstinately persist in manifest grave sin, are not to be admitted to holy communion.”
This will send the message to other bishops that if they choose to pronounce members of Congress from their dioceses unfit for communion, their authority will be respected in D.C. and across the Potomac in Virginia. The ramifications are enormous: For example, if Sean Cardinal O’Malley of Boston stated publicly that Sen. John Kerry was in violation of Canon 915, he would not have been able to receive communion at Pope Benedict XVI’s Mass in Washington, D.C., a year ago. Rep. Nancy Pelosi would not have been able to celebrate her elevation to speaker of the House with a special Mass at Trinity College,
Some will argue that neither Archbishop Wuerl nor Bishop Loverde will attempt, through their priests, to deny Governor Sebelius communion. But this misses the point, and the significance, of how the combined statements of Bishops Naumann, Wuerl, and Loverde have created a new and more vulnerable situation for the pro-abortion Catholic members of Congress. As Archbishop Raymond Burke has explained, Bishop Naumann did not impose a “sanction” on Governor Sebelius; Bishop Naumann asked Sebelius, not the clergy, to apply Canon 915 to herself.
But if Sebelius were to receive communion in D.C. or Northern Virginia, it would likely generate a news story that would mushroom quickly, involving the priest who administered communion and his bishop. This is not news coverage that Sebelius, or the Obama administration, would want to deal with.
No doubt there are priests in both dioceses who would have little compunction about giving communion to pro-abortion Catholic politicians, but whether they want to get into a media-generated spat with their bishop over a high-profile politician is another matter.
A final point: Archbishop Wuerl and Bishop Loverde’s collegial response to Bishop Naumann destabilizes the relationship between pro-abortion Catholic politicians and their bishops back home. The question will arise as to why Governor Sebelius should be the only politician in Washington who has been called to account under Canon 915. What about the dozens of others in Congress who have a 100 percent pro-abortion voting record? What about Vice-President Joe Biden himself?
Will other bishops seize this opportunity to apply Canon 915 to politicians in their dioceses, knowing that Archbishop Wuerl and Bishop Loverde will back them up? Given the determination of the Obama administration and the Congress to roll back all restrictions on abortion, I wouldn’t be surprised.


Complete article here by Deal Hudson. 

HT to CatholicFire and InsideCatholic

To view an article by Archbishop Naumann regarding the nomination to the cabinet position and his position regarding Mrs. Sebelius click here.

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One Response to “I Try Not to Do This Too Often”

  1. sjbraun Says:

    Thanks for posting this – I’m not Catholic, but am Christian, and always applaud Christians of any “stripe” sticking up for their beliefs. I’m just appalled at Notre Dame (in my state) invited Obama to speak, knowing as they do his clearly pro-abortion views.
    Also, I wanted to thank you so much for your helpful comment on my blog (re. my daughter with trouble focusing). I *D0* think she may very well have ADD, and when I brought her to the ped. I felt he downplayed that since “she can concentrate on SOME things”. Anyway, I’ve gone from not wanting any meds to wishing I could at least try, to see if it could help her. The ped did give me a name of a neuro place that he says is good on testing, so I’ll probably pursue that. More money, more time – but trying to help. I’m happy you found help for your son!

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