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The Simple Woman’s Daybook March 30, 2009

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the sun is shining and the grass is green.  Remnants of all the snow we got yesterday lingers only in the shaded edges of our yard.
Around the House…
are piles of papers waiting to be sorted, jackets that need to be hung up, floors that need to be swept and counters that need to be cleared.


to enjoy tea and water instead of diet soda, how to deal with ADD and what to do instead of reading so many books.


a meal plan for the month, and a neater home for my family and I to enjoy.


 I haven’t been reading anything at all of late.  We moved my comfy reading chair to the bedroom to watch fish so the room I read in doesn’t have a place for me to land.  I can’t seem to make myself do it anywhere else, is that weird?  I do have a book on tape to listen to while I walk the treadmill.  But I don’t consider that reading really.

In the Kitchen…

I need to straighten up before I cook but we will have some roasted vegetables and a simple soup.


things that will help get my world a bit more ordered so that I can enjoy the moments instead of react to the chaos.  The process is long and I fall back frequently but I keep working at it.  Thank God for a patient husband and a loving son.

Inspired by…
the sound of water as it trickles through the aquarium in the otherwise mostly silent house.
I was also inspired by Susan to make this entry.  To see more entries in this blog party head over to a Simple Woman’s Daybook to see what others are doing.







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