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So Proud of Our Son March 29, 2009

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Last night my 10 year old son was so excited about the Kids Choice Awards or whatever they are called being on.  The Jonas Brothers were going to be on, Dwayne whats his name was hosting (from Escape From Witch Mountain), and the Pussycat Dolls!  I asked him who the Pussycat Dolls were and he didn’t know (but I do).  What are the Pussycat Dolls doing on a kids awards show?  I told him that they were inappropriate for his growing young man’s eyes and that when they came on I would have him change the channel and when they were done he could change it back.  No questions asked.  He did just as I asked without complaint.  I love that boy. He motivates me to be a better mom and that is what I learned this week.


7 Responses to “So Proud of Our Son”

  1. I love that you asked and he complied. It shows that he trusts your judgement and that you have his best intentions and he knows it. This is what I hope for my own children – that as they have grown they have seen that I love them enough to protect them and they will continue to trust that. Very good job!

  2. Sandee Says:

    so sweet! I know my 10 year old, if we ever go into the video store…(which we don’t very often) will look down at the floor and put his hands to the side of his eyes as blinders and work his way to the kids section saying “keep your eyes from evil, keep your eyes from evil”.

    I didn’t teach him to do that! His heart did.

    • alwayswithme Says:

      Sandee, I love your 10 year old son’s response. What a great young man. The lessons you have taught him led him to know what was in his heart. You did good. I’ve got goose bumps about this. Thanks.

  3. sarah mae Says:

    What a great perspective! I love how are kiddos can motivate US…and convict us! 🙂

  4. Jo-Lynne Says:

    That’s awesome. Last night during American Idol, my 9-year-old son told me to change the channel during the commercial because they are “gross” — ugh! WHY must they show commercials that are inappropriate for kids during shows like Idol that are touted as family shows???

    But at least we’re raising our sons to know better! 🙂

  5. That is great – love it when they just know. My kids will immediately change channels themselves if they think there is something they should not be watching, even before I get to say.

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