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Found Another Blog Party That Looks Fun March 28, 2009

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Friday’s Fave Five #30


Five favorite things that happened this week, I like the positiveness of this series so here are mine, in no particular order:

1.  We had a fantastic time at the AMA Supercross Races in St. Louis.  Spur of the moment trip but lifetime of memories for our son.  One of those, “I am so glad we did that now things”.

2.  Installation at TOPS completed. 

3.  Calling my dad after Missouri made that great shot right at the buzzer and him answering “what a shot!”    This is significant because we are Kansas fans, but Kansas fans who appreciate great work.  Way to go Tigers.

4.  Laying in bed this morning cuddling with DH.  We never get to do that.  Thank you rain and sleet.

5.  Lunch at Accurso’s, yummy!  New favorite Italian Restaurant.

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2 Responses to “Found Another Blog Party That Looks Fun”

  1. Cherie Says:

    What a great moment with your dad!

  2. Susanne Says:

    Fun moment with your Dad!

    Some of our best family memories have been the spur of the moment ones.

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