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Something Missing . . . March 24, 2009

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and this may be it.  I was reading various blogs and clicking from site to site as things caught my eye.  I ended up at Tammy Recipes where she had written this:

But “making your home a haven” isn’t really about having the cleanest house, the nicest decor, or even an empty laundry hamper (although the empty hamper sure is nice!).

A home that feels like a haven to your family is a home where you (as the homemaker) have a peaceful servant’s heart and patience. It’s a home where getting everything crossed off the list isn’t nearly as important as simply having a joyful, creative, relationship-filled day (versus simply a “chore-filled” day).

I’m not saying we can’t build relationships while we work. In fact, working with our children and spouse is a great way to build up our relationships with them! But the focus needs to be on the people, not the chores.

So, the “Making Your Home a Haven” challenge isn’t all about cleaning, working, or to-do lists. It’s about having a spirit-filled heart and loving our families enough that we strive to make ourselves and our homes a welcoming, joyful, and peaceful haven to them!

That concept really appealed to me so I think I’m going to pursue it.


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