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I Took a Beginning Jewelry Class January 26, 2009

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at Michaels on Sunday.  I had a good time, made a pretty necklace and can see continuing this hobby.  However, I don’t have alot of places to store necklaces and found this of a blog called Grace Violet.

Necklace Organizer

Accessories are great for modernizing a basic outfit. Storage can to be a problem, however. And I hate clutter. My tangled messes of necklaces were causing me to forget about certain pieces – I needed to find an attractive solution.

I decided to put my jewelry to work; why not
make it serve double duty as art when its not being worn?

First, I found a cheap frame and removed the glass.

After measuring the opening of the frame, I (and by “I,” I mean my husband) cut a piece of 1/4″ smooth plywood.

Then, we fastened the wood into the frame, and painted it white (a nice backdrop for colorful jewelry). Another option would be to decoupage some decorative paper on it.

Small “s” hooks are the perfect size (and price) to use as the jewelry hangers (available at Lowes for $3-4/box). We pre-drilled, then screwed them in (and again, I use the term “we” loosely).

I spaced them evenly, but a haphazard approach would look just as nice. Also, I had considered buying a variety of decorative knobs, but went with these because of the great price.

Organized, inexpensive, and pretty to look at? Sounds like a successful project to me.  

The only problem is that I didn’t get a big enough frame.

Yes – it fits all of my jewelry perfectly. But that means no empty spaces, and my husband will assume my collection is complete!

(I reached back into the archives for this post; I originally posted this over at Blissfully Domestic, but wanted to highlight it again for my readers!)


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