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SPARKPEOPLE JOURNAL September 29, 2008

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In my weight loss journey, I am trying many different things to help me.  Some of them are attendance at TOPS (a non profit weight loss support group), walking on my treadmill while listening to books on tape, taking tennis lessons, reading inspirational/motivational diet success stories, prayer/bible reading/study and Spark People.  One of the things I like about spark people is that I can log in what I have eaten and it will tell me where I am lacking in vitamins and minerals.  I have started taking vitamins now in the hopes that it will be one of the things that helps me in weight loss.  Another thing they have is the ability to journal.  I am finding that I am getting overwhelmed with so much to do that I have gone back to my paralysis way of living.  I’m not keeping up with my blog, I’m not keeping up with my food diary, and so on.  I thought I would try to train myself to link to sparkpeople when I make an entry so that I’ve got all my stuff in one place which is what the original idea of this blog was for me.


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