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I’m Down!!! In a Good Way August 19, 2008

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I weighed in today and I was 208.5 which means I am down 2.5.  I am so pleased.  I hope everyone else has had good weeks.  I am off to walk on the treadmill, run some errands and then spend some time visiting everyone online.



4 Responses to “I’m Down!!! In a Good Way”

  1. Sherre Says:

    Thanks for the comments on my blog. And — congratulations on the loss!! You’re heading toward one-derland. 🙂

  2. pantrypuff Says:

    Yayy! Congratulations!

  3. dadivastreet Says:

    Awesome loss! Have a great week!

  4. alwayswithme Says:

    Sherre, I’ll be so excited when I hit one-derland.

    Thanks for the congrats pantrypuff and dadivasteet.

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