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This is What We Saw August 17, 2008

Filed under: DS, The Older,Family — alwayswithme @ 2:20 pm

Full moonWe moved Matt’s refrigerator to his home last night and this is what we saw.  It was just gorgeous; it seriously took my breath away.  The evening was cool for Kansas in August; the house just feels so homey and DH was able to show DS how to install an icemaker, how to change a fuse, how to adjust the hot water heater and advise him on how to install the washer and dryer.  It was just a really nice family evening although we were exhausted. 

I have to go pick up the dresser today and move the last load up either today or tomorrow.  I think I’m going to get him the lamps I saw and the nightstands for Christmas if the price is right.  That will complete his bedroom and that is what I want for him. This is where we made our purchases.  It is just a veneer but it looks lovely and is perfect for a 23 year old to whom not much has come easily except a delightful personality.


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